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Age Management and Hormone Therapy for Men

Hormones are essential to the body as they regulate functions such as metabolism and sex drive. Unfortunately, as part of the natural aging process, the body produces fewer and fewer hormones. This testosterone loss can interfere with your overall health and anti-aging goals. At Executive Medicine of Texas, our concierge doctors in DFW offer individualized hormone replacement therapy for men. 

Low Testosterone & Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is produced naturally in the male body. However, it decreases with age. The American Urological Association reports that 20% of men over age 60 have low testosterone. In addition, this number increases to nearly 50% as men enter their 80s. 

Symptoms of low T or testosterone deficiency (TD) include: 

  • Reduced sex drive and erectile function
  • Body hair loss
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Irritability
  • Depression

Low testosterone can affect one’s work-life as well. After all, some symptoms that may be linked to low T levels are poor memory, poor focus, and low energy levels. Rather than letting low testosterone get in the way of your work and personal life, take control of your aging by getting testosterone therapy. 

Before starting your hormone replacement therapy, you will undergo a comprehensive physical exam and have blood work done. Our concierge doctors in DFW will not only look for hormonal imbalances, but also for other health conditions or abnormalities that may exacerbate the aging process. Then, your physician will build a custom hormone replacement therapy program that will best meet your needs.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is used to treat both men and women when their hormone levels drop. BHRT uses safe hormones that are chemically identical to the natural hormones produced by the human body. This type of therapy is not only more natural than traditional hormone replacement therapy but it helps improve symptoms of low testosterone as well. As a result of BHRT, your risk for diabetes, cataracts, premature aging, and wrinkles will be improved. 

Within all of the BHRT packages offered at Executive Medicine of Texas, we offer BHRT hormone pellet therapy, virtual physician consultations, weekly slim shots, and nutritional supplements to help meet all of your age management needs. By using bio-identical hormone pellets, you will avoid the usual hormone fluctuations that are often associated with pills, creams, injections, and gels. 

If you are experiencing low energy, decreased libido, or decreased cognitive function, bio-identical hormones can help bring joy back into the aging process. You can expect to experience an increased quality of life, higher energy levels, sex drive restoration, increased metabolism, and better mental focus and clarity. 

Age Management in DFW

Low testosterone can greatly decrease your quality of life and enthusiasm about things you once enjoyed. However, enrolling in DFW age management services with Executive Medicine of Texas. Our physicians will spend time with you to decide what the best anti-aging hormone therapy process will meet your personal needs and your busy schedule. To learn more about age management services and hormone replacement therapies, give us a call today at 1-817-552-4300 or 1-800-910-3932.