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Arlington Concierge Doctor Private Physical Examinations

If an Arlington concierge doctor is what your team needs to remain competitive and in top health, then we invite you to learn more about the caring experts at Executive Medicine Of Texas. Our professional team can provide you with the professional private concierge services that can accommodate your busy lifestyle and high standards. Our staff of private doctors will give your executives and employees the very best treatment possible. In addition, our private physical exams offer flexibility, an extensive range of testing and a high degree of personalization which will help keep your people at the top of their game.

Health Solutions For Busy Families & Executives

Our Concierge Services offer a wide range of benefits depending on which program you select, but they all include same or next day office visits, online virtual physical consultations and 24/7 physician access by either phone, email or text messaging. Our Arlington private physical examinations include executive physicals that deliver the same high quality of service and personalized attention that people travel from all around the globe to experience. Our private concierge medicine service levels range from gold up to platinum and include 24/7 phone access to the EM Texas staff, lunch served on the day of your examination appointment and a leather-bound version of your results and personal recommendations.

Many times leading a team or a company requires a huge amount of sacrifice in terms of the amount of hours worked with very little time alone to handle your personal priorities. Our concierge medical exams can give you some much needed relief in that area and create space for you to maintain your important workload and still take care of your health. We can eliminate the crowded waiting rooms and delayed appointment times due to our personalized, patient first approach. By utilizing Executive Medicine of Texas you can save time, improve performance and prioritize your healthcare more consistently.

Having an Arlington concierge doctor on your team can be a special benefit because we are able to eliminate much of the hassle that comes with traditional medical visits. These health professionals see adults as well as children and offer families and employees personal and private visits to guarantee discretion. These healthcare visits are held in the strictest confidence and our focus on preventative medical care mean that we can help you proactively help you reach your health goals.

Busy Executives & Workers Get Flexible Care

Our professional staff will also provide your leaders and employees with Arlington private physical examinations and fitness screenings. In addition to executive physical examinations, we provide concierge services that include same or next day office visits and 24/7 access to the EM Texas staff. Our concierge health providers are committed to making your healthcare experience a true benefit that you will enjoy!

Our focus is on you and your health, so we are committed to continue delivering the world-class service we’ve become known for to you, your family and your key leaders. We know that you live a busy active lifestyle and we keep that in mind with everything we do, from scheduling to follow up.

Optimize Your Organization’s Health Now!

At Executive Medicine Of Texas we’re committed to providing your organization with the friendliest, fastest and most flexible options in Arlington private physical examinations and healthcare possible. We will take the time to get to know you and your medical goals and needs, and then provide a personalized medical solution to ensure that all of your health-related requirements are met. Simply call 817-552-4300 today, and learn how we can help increase the quality of your healthcare experience and remove some of the stress that is traditionally associated with doctor visits.