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Arlington Concierge Services & Doctors Preventative Medicine

There are a variety of options when it comes to selecting the best Arlington concierge services for your family or corporate executive team. The professional staff and team of private physicians at Executive Medicine of Texas would like to take this opportunity to introduce our quality services and show you why we stand apart from the pack in terms of service, quality of care and results for our clients.

Our Concierge Services Were Founded By Experts

As a business owner, executive or concerned parent with a busy lifestyle, the quality of care you receive is of the utmost importance to you. Executive Medicine of Texas is a leader in the field of Arlington preventative medicine and proactive health care issues. Our founders, Dr. Mark Anderson and Dr. Walter Gaman, are recognized nationally and sought out regularly for media spots. Having written several books on the subject area they also host a nationally syndicated radio show. Our concierge medical practice and everyone on our valued team members reflects their dedication to wellness and proactive health initiatives in all that they do.

From Arlington concierge services to executive physicals, we provide customized private health care solutions that can address all of your unique health and wellness needs. Our clients travel from all over the globe to meet with our highly qualified private doctors and our corporate wellness company facilities are right in your local area for even more convenience.

Customized Concierge Packages For Busy People

We often get the question, “Do you only see executives?” The answer is that while we do have many executives who travel from all around the globe to visit us at our facilities for care, we provide comprehensive concierge medical services and Arlington preventative medicine to many individuals and families as well. In addition to all of the comprehensive lab work and testing that is included, our concierge packages also come with same day or next day office visits, 24/7 physician access via phone, email and fax and online virtual physician consultations. One of the additional benefits is that for those that do live within a couple hours of our location, our year-long concierge packages are very popular.

If you are ready to learn all about how our Arlington concierge services can help eliminate the hassles of traditional office visits such as long waits and challenges booking appointments that work for your busy schedule, then call one of the friendly staff members at Executive Medicine of Texas today. They will gladly spend time with you, answer all of your questions and make sure that what we offer truly fits your health and lifestyle needs. Contact us today at 817-552-4300 to begin your journey into the world of concierge medicine where you can truly take back control of your health and wellness on your terms.