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Bedford Executive Physicals Private Doctors

If you have been researching and considering how providing Bedford executive physicals can assist in delivering a higher quality of care for your executives and staff, we invite you to explore more about what Executive Medicine of Texas has to offer. We can assist you with the sometimes frustrating work of developing a customized plan that is in alignment with your corporate goals. With years of experience respecting patient privacy and providing top notch services to our discriminating clients, we can help you offer private doctor and concierge medicine services that are best-in-class. With the help of our professional team you can provide the private health treatments for executives that your company deserves.

A Cut Above The Rest

Scheduling and experiencing a traditional physician office visit can be time consuming and leave you feeling drained. By having access to one of our Bedford private doctors, you will not only receive the finest in preventative medicine care but you can avoid the crowded waiting rooms and delays that can often be part of your experience. At Executive Medicine Of Texas our private waiting rooms, physical exams for VIP’s, one-on-one treatments and variety of tests and procedures make us unique. Working with the staff from your company, our professional team can provide the Bedford executive physicals and companywide functional medicine treatments that will meet the real needs of your busy executives and employees.

Your people are always the highest priority for Executive Medicine Of Texas. With round the clock concierge staff access, same or next day visit scheduling and the utmost in privacy along with the highest quality of care, your employees will appreciate the results. Clients are even treated with a gourmet lunch on the day of their executive physical visit and a leather bound planner with their results and recommendations.

Because of our proven commitment to the highest quality of care, our Bedford private doctors see patients that travel from everywhere around the world. When it comes to health treatment for executives and staff, we believe they deserve the finest in care and attention as well.  No more agonizing calls on the telephone or sitting in crowded waiting rooms. Imagine giving the people who work so hard for you the gift of private, confidential and high-quality health treatments they and their families will truly appreciate.

Give Us A Phone Call Today!

Are you ready to offer the highest quality in Bedford executive physicals for your executives and select employees? Call our team at 817-552-4300 to discover how simple it can be to offer VIP medical treatment for your staff. We will thoroughly discuss your needs, answer all of your questions and even schedule a complementary visit to your business location. You and your staff deserve nothing but the best in Bedford private office concierge care and together, with the help of Executive Medicine of Texas, you can make it a reality.