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Colleyville CoolSculpting® Non-Invasive Fat Removal Procedure

Colleyville CoolSculpting® by Executive Medicine Of Texas can make you look pounds lighter without invasive surgery! Save time and the pain of complicated surgery when our medical staff performs this simple process. In addition, our specialized team of doctors and professionals are uniquely qualified to meet your personal needs.  With flexible appointment times, no crowded waiting rooms and a commitment to privacy, you will be treated with the highest degree of care. There is no pressure, the appointment space is private, and discretion is very important to us.

Our Professional Team Is Here To Serve You

The decision to select a Colleyville non-invasive fat removal procedure provider should not be made casually. That said, countless discriminating clients just like you have selected us for their body sculpting needs. At Executive Medicine Of Texas we will work with your busy schedule and make the process as easy and comfortable as possible for you. We know that when someone entrusts their medical care to us it is a major decision based on trust. Our Colleyville licensed medical professionals are highly trained and the fat freezing procedure we utilize to remove stubborn fat is the only FDA cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment available. Plus, the safety of CoolSculpting® technology has been extensively tested with hundreds of successful case studies.

Trust Us With Your Colleyville CoolSculpting®

Our procedures and successful results are backed by the reputation of our cofounders, Dr. Mark Anderson and Dr. Walter Gaman. These two medical innovators see clients from all around the globe and their reputation is impeccable. When you decide to work with the staff of Executive Medicine Of Texas for your Colleyville non-invasive fat removal procedure, you are receiving the same high quality of attention and care these two doctors demand for their highly successful concierge and executive medicine programs. From a top-rated radio program to appearances in print and on television, these two experts inspire us every day. In addition, they have authored numerous books and other publications targeting both the public and medical community. You can put your faith in our team to help you achieve the personal results that you are seeking.

Call Us Today To Learn More!

We invite you to learn more about Colleyville CoolSculpting® by Executive Medicine Of Texas today. Call 817-552-4300 now to find out how our team of medical professionals can use this non-surgical fat-freezing procedure to remove pounds of ugly fat from your body, eliminate fat bulges in specific areas and noticeably improve your appearance! When you contact us, you will learn just how safe and pain free this FDA-approved procedure can be. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and we look forward to meeting you.