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Dallas Concierge Doctors Direct Primary Care

If the hunt for private Dallas Texas concierge doctors has you getting more questions than answers, then we have the solution. Executive Medicine of Texas specializes in Dallas direct primary care for companies that want to offer their executives private and flexible medical plans for their busy schedules. Our private doctors can ensure your leaders are at their most effective.

We Offer A Variety Of Medical Coverage

Our physicians take a complete holistic type of approach with medical treatments providing the best care possible from traditional office visits for ailments, to physicals, lab work, stress tests, X-rays, MRIs, et cetera when needed. They will use their training to help determine what the most appropriate type of care is for the executives needs with regard to treatment.

Our Concierge Medicine Will Save You Time & Effort

So what are concierge services really all about? Our Dallas concierge doctors take the necessary time with you to hear your needs and develop of medical plan, rather than what you get from traditional office visits where you feel rushed in and out, and the visits are impersonal. Our staff also respect that you are a busy executive, so they will work with you on scheduling office visits, and they provide 24/7 on-call access to physicians.

Unlike many Dallas direct primary care providers, you do not have the time or the patience for regular health care provider visits. That’s where our healthcare providers come in. Regardless of your work responsibilities, our team can provide the flexible solutions you need on your schedule.

The medical doctors at Executive Medicine of Texas will assess your requirements and do a full workup of your well-being. From preventative treatments and complete physicals to medical tests and scans, we are here for you.

In addition to world class service, you will gain a sense of control and satisfaction from our convenient appointments and flexible schedules. A private doctor like those we offer could be what you have been looking for.

VIP Healthcare Solutions For Dallas Leaders

Should you require the convenience and privacy of corporate wellness programs, our concierge services can help. We can assist with annual physical screenings, lab work, diagnostic testing and much more depending on your needs.

If you are a VIP inside of your respective business, we have options which will respect your privacy and maintain your health.

Take The Next Step And Contact Us!

Now that you have many of your questions about Dallas concierge doctors answered, calling us is the next step. Contact the professionals at Executive Medicine of Texas at 817-552-4300 to learn more. One of our friendly staff will provide you with more information and help you understand how offering private direct primary care can give you the edge your company has been looking for. Call now and inquire how our team can help yours be even better.