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Dallas CoolSculpting® Non-Invasive Fat Removal Procedure

If you’ve found yourself on this page, there is a good chance that you have been searching for a professional Dallas CoolSculpting® services provider that is trustworthy and does excellent work. If that is the case, then we invite you to explore and learn more because our fat removal specialists can save you time and our certified experts can deliver on the demands for the most discriminating client. At Executive Medicine Of Texas, our primary mission is focused on preserving the well-being of our clientele and meeting their personal goals. We deliver on these commitments in luxurious private surroundings with full-service that our clients enjoy. Our team operates with full discretion and privacy protection because we take the trust that our clients extend to us very seriously.

Our Dallas Non-Invasive Fat Removal Procedure Can Help You

We understand the needs of clients that expect the highest level of service, professionalism and results. Please don’t think that just because you have a busy schedule that we can’t accommodate you. We will work with you to schedule a convenient time to perform our professional services that can assist you in meeting your personalized physical outcomes. We invite you to allow our experienced non-invasive fat removal medical team provide you with flexible top-quality FDA approved technologies for large treatment areas, pain-free treatments, elimination of fat bulges in specific areas, fast discrete care and the safety of CoolSculpting® technology. In addition, our fat elimination procedure is the only FDA cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment available.

We provide adaptable scheduling and exclusive fat-freezing procedures that are not available when compared to ordinary fat elimination methods. The specialized Dallas fat removal procedures we provide utilize cutting-edge proven technology that maximizes your results and minimizes discomfort. We welcome any questions that you may have about our methodologies and procedures, so feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation at any time during your evaluation process.  We treat all of our clients like family and will give you the highest level of attention, care and support before and after your treatment.

Why Dallas CoolSculpting® Works So Well

The founders of Executive Medicine Of Texas are Dr. Mark Anderson and Dr. Walter Gaman. Both medical experts had a vision that inspires every CoolSculpting procedure we perform. They passed their commitment to high quality and privacy onto every team member on our staff. Drs. Gaman and Anderson have appeared in many media all around the country including CNN, Time magazine and the “Good Early Morning Texas” show. They have also co-authored various publications and host a nationally syndicated health and wellness radio program.

Our Dallas non-invasive fat removal procedures provide clients who demand the very highest levels of discretion and quality of care with peace of mind. The staff we have brought together offers pain-free fat removal services with the privacy and one-on-one care support that our clients have come to expect and deserve.

Discover How Fast & Pain-Free CoolSculpting® Can Be

With Executive Medicine Of Texas, you have found the most discreet and high-quality provider of Dallas CoolSculpting® that is available in the local area. We treat all of our clients in safe, secure and luxurious facilities and treatment rooms that provide the comfort and experience they expect. Give yourself the self-confidence that comes from sculpting your body on your terms with a provider that delivers on your expectations with excellent results.  Begin the process of removing stubborn fat once and for all by calling us today at 817-552-4300 to schedule your complimentary consultation and learn how simple the process can be!