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Dallas Executive Physicals For Corporate Health

You may have heard something about the new flexible options available in the market today to schedule Dallas executive physicals from qualified private physicians. At Executive Medicine of Texas, one of our primary focuses is on maintaining the executive health of our clients in a confidential and flexible environment. Our staff will protect your privacy and records while at the same time working with you and your unique schedule. We have years of experience providing the highest quality corporate healthcare that allows your staff to end the stress and hassle of traditional doctor visits.

Their Vision Impacts All That We Do

Our founders are Dr. Mark Anderson and Dr. Walter Gaman. These two men created a vision focused on Dallas corporate health that they have passed on to every member of our team. Their vision includes a promise to deliver the absolute best concierge healthcare available to our clients. Our services include corporate healthcare plans, full medical checkups, executive physicals and health maintenance and prevention planning.

Drs. Gaman and Anderson have appeared on countless media spots across the country, including Time, Good Morning Texas and CNN. They are co-authors of several books and publications, and they also have a nationally syndicated health and wellness radio show hosted by Judy Gaman. Their focus always remains the same whether they are speaking with the media or providing care with Executive Medicine of Texas, a client’s quality of health and life always comes first.

Dallas Executive Physicals For Busy Leaders

Busy schedules can often get in the way of taking care of our health. Executives can easily fall into this trap, which also impacts productivity to some degree. That is one of the reasons we invite you to trust our executive specialists in healthcare to partner with you when creating an executive healthcare plan for your top talent and their families. Executives and their families tend to have very busy schedules, and for that reason we offer a flexible schedule to regular medical physical examinations and visits. With our concierge services we provide same day or next day office visits, online virtual physician consultations and 24/7 phone access to our professional staff, so that you can truly be in control of your healthcare, and manage it with your own schedule.

Our Dallas corporate health services program allows our clients to eliminate the scheduling difficulties and wasted time that comes with traditional office visits. Our approach will allow your leaders to schedule office visits that work for them and their busy schedules. Our flexibility and personalized approach delivers peace of mind and control when managing your healthcare. We provide 24/7 phone access to our EM Texas staff. Our corporate clients that have offered our private services to their executives and employees have experienced an increase in loyalty and appreciation from those employees that have taken advantage of it. We truly offer a personalized approach that is uniquely different than anything you have ever experienced before.

Medical Care Your People And Their Families Deserve

Your journey to find the best provider to implement quality Dallas executive physicals for your employees can be overwhelming. We invite you to allow the time-tested medical professionals at Executive Medicine of Texas to help you craft a one-of-a-kind initiative that keeps your people healthy and competitive. In addition, our medical staff prides itself on providing the highest level of care and flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

See how easy and painless it is to put a personalized medical care solution in place for your executives and their families today. Call us at 817-552-4300 to discover more, and offer your top team a benefit they will truly appreciate and utilize.