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Executive Medicine of Texas Named at 2015 Leadership 500 Awards

Executive Medicine of Texas named at 2015 Leadership 500 Awards recognizing their exceptional Leadership Development Program

Executive Medicine of TexasExecutive Medicine of Texas is recognized for their efforts in improving the health of busy leaders. Distinguished recipients of the Leadership 500 Awards for 2015 were named for outstanding achievements in leadership development and programs at the LEAD2015 forum held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Executive Medicine of Texas took third place in the small company category for their Path to Wellness program, a leadership motivation program that encourages better health through targeted educational workshops.

“Healthy companies begin with healthy leadership. We have found that corporate leaders have a tremendous influence on their staff. If we can keep them focused on better choices, those good choices trickle down,” explains Dr. Mark Anderson. “Some companies extend this corporate wellness training program beyond the leadership team and include all the employees. This has been a great way to improve health and enhance overall morale. Healthy people tend to be happier people.”

This year’s award winners have been published in the April edition of Leadership Excellence Essentials. For the past 30 years, Leadership Excellence, now a part of has identified and recognized the top 500 leadership organizations and their strategies and solutions in their yearly ranking. The Leadership Excellence publication will also feature interviews from select top award winners, including Executive Medicine of Texas, in this year’s upcoming July issue. The interview will outline the program’s unique qualities that make it a Leadership 500 Winner. Other winning programs will also be featured in the issue.

“We were pleased to have a large increase in applicants this year and have only published the top 500. I think the Leadership500 Awards in combination with LEAD2015 demonstrates top organizations that not only value leadership but also have innovative programs,” stated Debbie McGrath, CEO of

This year’s award recipients were selected based on both an application or nomination process, reviewed by’s expert leadership panel, as well as feedback from the program’s participants. The voting was promoted by the nominees as well as through social media campaigns over the course of the nomination period.

About Executive Medicine of Texas

Executive Medicine of Texas is a leader in preventative and proactive health. Located in Southlake, Texas, they work with companies from around the globe on corporate wellness training for their leadership. Their executive physical exams and corporate wellness programs help companies of all sizes improve their health, which can also increase the company’s bottom line. Founding partners Drs. Mark Anderson and Walter Gaman aside from their busy practice, co-host the nationally syndicated Staying Young Radio Show.

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