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Fort Worth Concierge Doctor Annual Wellness Exams

Are you looking into your local options for working with a Fort Worth concierge doctor to deliver quality private medical care for your organization and top executive leaders? From annual wellness exams to complex procedures Executive Medicine Of Texas can help you and your team thrive. Give your executives the perks of private healthcare and watch their satisfaction go up as well as their results. We can assist you with creating and implementing a customized solution and we work with hundreds of satisfied corporate clients all around the world.

Concierge Services Can Save You Time And Hassle

Traditional Fort Worth doctor visits can be very challenging when your schedule is full and you travel a lot. That is where we can shine by delivering a personalized care experience and at the same time eliminate some of the problems like overcrowded waiting rooms that you may be used to. We can relieve some of the time pressure and anxiety standard healthcare causes and make your life easier by offering our concierge medical services.

What Are Concierge Services All About?

Concierge care is at it’s core an individualized approach to medicine that focuses more on the individual as a real person, listening to their real issues while at the same time maintaining the same high quality of care they may be used to. In addition, the concierge services offered by Executive Medicine of Texas works with your schedule to maximize your productivity and give you a more pleasant experience. Some of the benefits include 24/7 physician access by phone, online virtual physician consultations and same day or next day office visits for convenience. With private concierge care your time is respected and the doctor meets you in a way that fits with your schedule. When you are a VIP inside of your company, our personal medical staff will respect both your time and your privacy.

Our Role Is To Provide For Your Corporate Health

In addition to the benefits of traditional care, our private concierge care expands the scope and value that our clients and patients receive. By taking a proactive and preventive approach, we invest the time required to really listen and get to know our patients and their needs. You will never feel rushed when you’re with our team and you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re not just a “number” in the system. From routine lab work and vaccinations to advanced EKG’s and MRI scans, our team provides a comprehensive suite of options to meet all of your primary care needs. Executives from around the world travel to meet with us and take advantage of our unique value packed service options.

Every Fort Worth concierge doctor from Executive Medicine Of Texas will use their training and experience to improve your health and wellness and prevent your problems using a wide range of tools and exams. Our concierge medicine plans are tiered for your convenience with each layer building on the value delivered depending on our specific situation. Starting with our Gold Program, we then offer Platinum, Platinum Plus, Age Management and a Family Program. We have a program that can be customized to meet your needs if your desire is to receive premium concierge care.

Your Hectic Schedule Can Benefit From Our Care

As a premier provider of concierge health solutions for busy leaders we are committed to making Fort Worth executives healthier and more productive. We specialize in offering personalized comprehensive individual care that conveniently works within your busy executive lifestyle. Our corporate health and wellness solutions are functional for any busy management team member who has more responsibility than time. We will improve your workplace efficiencies and job satisfaction by working closely with you.

Take A Moment Right Now And Call Us

We can provide everything from simple checkups and Fort Worth annual wellness exams to executive physicals, cardiac stress tests and advanced procedures. If you would like to learn more about how a Fort Worth concierge doctor can help your business thrive, contact us now. The boutique health experts at Executive Medicine Of Texas will discuss your plans and ensure your healthcare needs are satisfied. Contact us at 817-552-4300 to discover how easy it can be to leverage the experience of private local doctors with their flexibility and professionalism. Give your team the edge they need by contacting us today, we look forward to meeting you!