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Grapevine Executive Physicals & Preventative Medicine

The Grapevine executive physicals provided by the professional team at Executive Medicine of Texas can eliminate many of the typical frustrations you experience with traditional medical visits. Our primary focus is on maintaining the health of our clients in private surroundings and with benefits that include 24/7 access to the EM Texas staff, lunch on the day of your appointment and a leather-bound journal with your recommendations and results. Our team will guard your privacy while providing top-notch medical preventative care.

Our Founders Guide Our Mission

Our founders are Dr. Mark Anderson and Dr. Walter Gaman. These two men had a vision centered around Grapevine preventative medicine and they have brought that vision into reality. They have successfully translated that culture and commitment throughout our organization and teams. Their forward thinking helps assure that we deliver the best executive physicals and concierge healthcare services available to our clients. Our process of delivering proactive medicine incudes best-in-class medical teams that have incorporated the latest in healthcare methodologies, total checkups, physical exams and preventative healthcare.

Drs. Gaman and Anderson have appeared on numerous media outlets around the country, like Time Magazine, the “Good Morning Texas” TV show and CNN. They are the co-authors of many publications, plus they have a nationally syndicated health and wellness radio show hosted by Judy Gaman. Their efforts, regardless of the outlet, continue to be the same: well-being and daily quality of life always come first.

Provide The Perk of Grapevine Executive Physicals

Active schedules can often make us take our physical well-being for granted. Executives can easily slide into this trap which impacts can noticeably impact their productivity in several areas. That is why we invite you to allow our executive health specialists to provide flexible top-quality care for your key employees and their families.

Executives and their family members are likely to be extremely busy. For that reason, we offer scheduling options that you can count on. You can book appointments with us far out on your schedule and know that we will be there when you arrive, eliminating the frustration of crowded waiting rooms and delayed appointments. In addition, the concierge services we offer provide benefits like same day or next day office visits, online virtual health consultations and 24/7 access to our experienced team.

Grapevine Preventative Medicine Benefits They’ll Use

Your journey to find the fastest and most effective provider of high quality Grapevine executive physicals for your personnel can probably seem overwhelming at times. But thankfully we have done a lot of the hard work for you! We invite you to let the time-tested medical professionals at Executive Medicine Of Texas help you craft a one-of-a-kind initiative that keeps your people physically healthy and on top of their game. See how simple and pain-free it is to put a personalized medical care team in place for your personal executives and their family members. Call us at 817-552-4300 to find out more, and give your workforce a valuable benefit and experience that they will value and make great use of!