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Houston Corporate Wellness Program Workplace Health

Have you been looking to provide your hard working staff with the perks of a Houston corporate wellness program? We encourage you to save yourself the aggravation of trying to figure it out all on your own. We invite you to get to know us so that we can earn your trust based on our many years of experience, and the endorsement of hundreds of loyal organizations that have turned to Executive Medicine of Texas for answers. We have the dedicated staff, knowledge and innovative approach to healthcare your company has been searching for. Let us put our experience to work for you and together we can create a work health program that rewards your employees and executives for their loyalty. Let us show you how fast and easy it can be to get started.

We Respect Both Health Goals And Privacy

Whether it is corporate fitness or private doctor visits, we respect your staff’s need for confidentiality in their quest for Houston workplace health. Every person on our team who is entrusted with the privacy of those we serve understands this and acts accordingly. Whether it is a simple wellness check or something much more complex, we always keep your employee needs and confidentiality in mind.

From the medical concierge services doctors who treat others, the nurses who serve as vital support or the trainers and other staff at our corporate healthcare facilities, Executive Medicine of Texas is committed to serving your staff with excellence to reach their individual and corporate wellness goals.

Customized Programs Especially For Your Employees

From the executives who lead or the hourly workers who sacrifice so much, it is important to recognize and reward their efforts. One way to do that is with a Houston corporate wellness program. Time away from family and long nights and weekends are not uncommon for workers today, so giving something back to them that they will value and use like an executive health initiative is a wise decision.

A well-thought through wellness plan that supports workplace health can go a long way to say “thank you” for all the hard work. Offering the flexibility of same day or next day office visits, 24/7 phone access to our staff and online virtual physician consultations are all part of our concierge program.

That is why the corporate health plans put together by Executive Medicine of Texas and our private concierge medical support services provide the ultimate in flexibility. We will do everything we can to meet your scheduling requirements and can eliminate crowded waiting rooms and difficulty with getting access to your physician.

Your Houston Workplace Health Initiative Will Serve You

Learn how the experts at Executive Medicine of Texas can help you launch your Houston corporate wellness program today. Our solid track record of serving people from all over the world who come to visit us and trust us with their private healthcare needs is available to you. From preventive health checkups, health plans or integrative medicine, we are the experts you need in your corner. Come let us show you how simple it is to integrate our customized health solutions and other initiatives within your company to keep your people at their very best and your company at the peak of competitiveness.

Get answers to all your questions by calling us now at 817-552-4300. Our dedicated team of experts will show you how your employees can enjoy a package of solid medical benefits we put in place for them based on your needs. Isn’t it time to stop planning and start doing? Ditch the doubts and overwhelm and rely on our experience to help create a flexible turnkey solution employees will love. Contact 817-552-4300 to get started!