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Houston Executive Health Exams For Corporate Wellness

Searching for a fast a reliable solution for your Houston executive health exams and corporate wellness initiatives? Enjoy the flexibility Executive Medicine of Texas is already providing companies like yours. Together we can offer high-quality yet flexible exams for your entire team. We have years of training and the experience to understand your needs. Together we can create a coverage plan that fits the demands of your people and their families. Plus, your private health exam coverage will add a valuable benefit that reduces absenteeism, increases productivity and contributes directly to increasing the loyalty of your team.

Our Founders Set A Vision In Motion

The daily promise to those we serve is simple: promote Houston corporate wellness and provide healthy lives. This commitment comes directly from the two men who founded our company, Dr. Mark Anderson and Dr. Walter Gaman.

They are viewed as experts on personal and corporate health and are regularly featured in various media outlets as experts. In addition, they have authored a number of popular books on the topic of healthcare, and they are often looked to for their opinions on proactive and preventative healthcare.

From Traditional To Innovative Medical Treatments

As an executive you have to be open to new ways of thinking about problems. In executive healthcare we too have had to learn new ways to offer care, whether it is simple Houston executive health exams or complex procedures. We have corporate and organizational leaders that come from all over the world to utilize our specialized services. Because of that, we have incorporated a wide range of extensive treatments for our clients to choose from when personalizing their plan. We provide comprehensive care solutions for busy leaders who come to visit us for their private healthcare needs.

Our concierge doctors can provide you with many services including routine lab work and vaccinations, a complete laboratory panel with over 100 value indicators and cardiovascular stress tests, just to name a few. We have found that by providing comprehensive solutions, we’ve become a “one stop shop” for busy executives and their teams. This saves them time, money and increases corporate productivity. We will be happy to integrate custom solutions into your Houston corporate wellness and customized treatment plan, and we’ll create the plan that makes the most sense for you and your health.

Create A Company Wellness Plan You’ll Be Proud Of!

We want to play an integral role in the creation of vibrant and effective private Houston executive health exams and other medical care for your organization. Our training and years of experience helping companies like your’s offer private medical care to executives and their families are unparalleled. Whether it’s helping the individuals within your company understand their current health status, providing the tools to meet their fitness goals, or our ongoing commitment to the health and vibrancy of businesses executives, our qualifications make us the obvious choice.

Call the experts at corporate wellness planning with EM Texas today at 817-552-4300 and learn more about our health checkup preventative care initiatives. Learn the simple process of evaluating your people’s needs, then giving them solutions that will make them healthier, happier and more productive. Contact the team at Executive Medicine of Texas by calling 817-552-4300 today!