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Irving Concierge Medicine & Private Wellness Exams

For those seeking Irving concierge medicine, look no further than Executive Medicine of Texas. At Executive Medicine of Texas patients have access to a variety of first-class services including concierge medical services, lab tests, blood work, imaging, cardiovascular evaluations, and more.

Private Wellness

The advantages of Irving private wellness outweigh those of traditional medical practices. Executive Medicine of Texas offers more advanced screening than most other practices, and they strive to be 10-15 years ahead of the game. As one of the top providers for preventative care, we cater especially to executives, professional athletes, and other high-profile clients. Our level of service is unlike anywhere else. Executive physicals at our practice typically take between four to five hours, as opposed to a ten-minute appointment at a traditional practice. This in-depth examination allows for personalized family care, giving patients the time and attention, they deserve. Thorough examinations help physicians learn everything they need to about a patient’s health.

Choose Your Plan

Executive Medicine of Texas offers Irving concierge medicine services in three different plans ranging in price to suit your needs. You can expect expert care for a flat fee, without having to deal with the frustrations with traditional health insurance. Typical medical practices do not provide the same level of care. We seek to provide value for cost with one of the most comprehensive offerings available at a bundled price. Annual executive physicals provide a benchmark that our physicians will use to gauge your health and areas for improvement. Physicians use proactive medicine to create customized plans for each of their patients and identify potential health issues. Since so many health issues are avoidable, our physicians will examine over 100 lab values, hormone levels, cardiac condition, cognitive function, pulmonary status, and fitness.

We Respect Your Time

At Executive Medicine of Texas, we understand the pressures that high-profile clients experience and know your time is valuable. We offer Irving private wellness at a schedule that is convenient for you, with 24/7 access. Patients can easily reach our physicians for questions, concerns, or feedback with very quick response time. The physicians and staff at our Irving boutique medicine facility are at the top of their game. Individualized attention and care make Executive Medicine of Texas number one in Irving concierge medicine. Call us today at 817-552-4300 or 800-910-3932 to schedule your executive physical.