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Keller Executive Physicals From High End Physicians

The founders and professional team at Executive Medicine of Texas would like to introduce to our executive and concierge services, specifically our Keller executive physicals. Our program for executives is recognized as being one of the most comprehensive and thorough in the country. We place a strong emphasis on preventative and proactive health initiatives and are dedicated to improving the health and lives of the executives and leaders we are privileged to serve.

The two founders of our organization are Dr. Mark Anderson and Dr. Walter Gaman. Recognized locally as Keller high end physicians for their pioneering work in executive and concierge medicine, they are both committed to delivering the highest quality of private care available to our clients and patients. In addition to their nationally syndicated radio show, these two gentlemen have authored several books and are sought out as experts who have appeared in hundreds of media spots. With an integrative approach and by spending extensive time with our clients, we can really get to the root of problems and create a true roadmap to better executive health.

Healthcare For Executives With True Benefits

Our executive physical packages are both comprehensive and thorough in terms of the testing, lab work and services conducted. In addition to complete physical exams, all of our executive physical packages include an extensive review of your medical history, advanced labs, 24/7 access to the EM Texas staff and lunch that is served on the day of your appointment. The complete listing of services included with our Keller executive physicals is listed on our website and we offer several different packages including Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum and additional add-on services like health screenings as needed to customize an effective plan for you.

Executives and individuals travel from all around the globe to meet with us and our team of qualified proactive Keller high end physicians. With an integrative approach to your health, we can get to the real root of any problems by understanding your current health situation thoroughly and then create custom blueprint for better health that is customized for you. Here are some of the comments that our clients have mentioned when asked what excited them the most about the services provided by Executive Medicine of Texas:

– In-depth and thorough
– No stone left unturned
– Provided me with peace-of-mind
– Gave me a plan for the future
– Able to spend real time with my doctor vs. 10 minutes
– I was treated like family

Years Of Experience Providing Quality Executive Health

Executive Medicine of Texas has decades of experience providing the very best in executive and corporate care to companies and individuals. Whether your initiatives include creating and implementing a complete corporate wellness plan or just identifying the right provider to conduct comprehensive Keller executive physicals for your key leaders, we are here to serve you and invite you to get to know us and what we have to offer. You can now eliminate the hassle of overcrowded waiting rooms and take back control of your health and your busy schedule. Call one of our experienced team members today at 817-552-4300 to get all your questions answered. Experience the difference that comes from protecting the health of your leaders with the best care available, all at competitive rates. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best on your journey to improved health and wellness.