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Oklahoma City Executive Physicals For Corporate Health

See just how easy it is to offer high-quality Oklahoma City executive physicals and other private medical care to your employees. Providing for the care of your leadership’s health not only gives them the tangible benefits of great care, but it also provides them with unparalleled flexibility. Our boutique doctors are focused on the health and well-being of your team. They’ll do all they can to be a reliable alternative to traditional plans and honor your executives’ busy schedules.

The Highest Quality Medical Care Executives Count On

The executives at your company will be the beneficiaries of our compassionate medical care and our commitment to a proactive preventative approach. Regardless of how demanding the schedules are for your executives and team members, our private doctors can meet their needs and relieve some of their time pressure. Our concierge medicine specialists offer the highest quality Oklahoma City corporate health care, while also remaining flexible in scheduling.

Our private doctors and their teams offer the same great care during health checkups and other procedures your people are accustomed to, while also eliminating the hassles of scheduling and overcrowded waiting rooms. We provide 24/7 phone access to the EM Texas staff, and we serve lunch to all of our patients on the day of their executive physical exam. Our doctors will evaluate each patient’s overall health, and then suggest a treatment and follow up plan that fits them and their lifestyle.

Our Staff Are Not Limited To Just One Approach

In addition to regular office visits with traditional treatments, we also can include a wide variety of other preventative and non-traditional treatments for your convenience. These can range from integrative fitness, Oklahoma City executive physicals and holistic nutrition to advanced lab work, hormone level testing and hearing and vision screening tests. Regardless of your preferences and needs, we will create a customized plan that helps you achieve the results you want.

We will leverage our training to bring you the best preventative healthcare available. We have executives from all over the globe who come to visit us, so our medical staff embraces a wide range of options to create a comprehensive solution. If you haven’t experienced private executive healthcare, we believe you will find it to be very beneficial and something you could add to improve the lives of your leaders.

The Same Healthcare Your Leaders Expect With A Twist

Health and happiness for your executives and their families is our primary goal. We are proud of the care we offer and work hard to accommodate the wide range of clients and schedules that come with that. Regardless of your unique medical situation, we offer a truly personalized approach that is proactive. From full body checkups to complex procedures, let us be your primary medical solution. Enjoy the flexibility and peace of mind that comes from knowing you are receiving the best Oklahoma City corporate health plan available today.

Give Your Leaders The Edge They Need!

Our Oklahoma City executive physicals can give your organization an edge. You are probably always on the lookout for advantages you can give your leadership so that they will continue to help your company prosper and thrive. Offering them private company health solutions is a great way to keep your staff at their best. See how we can partner with you to give private annual health exams and other medical procedures to your top talent and their families. Unlike traditional care, we offer extreme flexibility when scheduling, plus a luxurious facility that is never crowded. Give a benefit that will get their attention by calling Executive Medicine of Texas right away at 817-552-4300. We will put our experience to work for you and make you look like a hero. Contact our team now at 817-552-4300.