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Plano CoolSculpting® Non-Invasive Fat Removal Procedure

The Plano CoolSculpting® procedure performed by Executive Medicine Of Texas is one of the highest ranked non-invasive fat reduction available on the market today. It pinpoints troublesome areas by accomplishing what diets alone cannot do, it reduced the actual number of fat cells in supervised clinical trials. If you have failed with traditional methods of fat loss, this FDA-approved procedure may be what you are looking for. Performed by the specially trained staff at Executive Medicine Of Texas you can lose unsightly fat deposits and unwanted bulges with little to no scarring, watch the inches drop away and feel better about your appearance.

How Can Fat Reduction Help Me?

Before you begin, everything regarding the procedure will be discussed with you in detail. The privacy, time and quality care you will be receiving under the watchful eyes of the Executive Medicine Of Texas medical staff is widely regarded and highly valued by many local clients. You will begin your fat-reduction procedure knowing what to expect and the specific steps we will take along the way to provide you with superior care and supervision. The Plano CoolSculpting® procedure we provide is supported by fact-based proven science and is implemented by our dedicated medical teams who are sought out by top executives and others around the world for their expertise.

Both men and women alike choose this Plano non-invasive fat removal procedure for a variety of reasons:

– CoolSculpting® technology has been proven through its successful by thousands of candidates

– You can quickly reduce or eliminate unsightly fat bulges in specific areas

– No cutting or long hospital stays are needed

– This approved fat-freezing procedure has been tested as safe

– Most people see results nearly immediately

Sounds Great! So How Do I Qualify?

If you have failed with ordinary diets, have tried odd food combinations or had medical personnel try to persuade you into expensive and painful surgeries, then this Plano non-invasive fat removal procedure might be the answer you have been searching for. Learn more about how this fast and non-surgical procedure can benefit you today. You can begin the process of stubborn fat removal with this approved medical technique by simply talking to one of our friendly Plano licensed medical professionals today.

CoolSculpting® Can Transform Your Appearance

The Plano CoolSculpting® procedure by Executive Medicine Of Texas can eliminate double-chins, reshape your body and provide you with the professional and discrete private care that we are known for. This is the only FDA cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment available currently. Call 817-552-4300 and discover how this safe, fast and non-invasive procedure can greatly improve your body appearance and raise the quality of your life. Our medical teams are waiting to answer all your questions today, so give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation.