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Plano LightSheer® Laser Hair Removal Comfortable Expert Treatments

If you are looking for the best in Plano LightSheer® laser hair removal treatments, Executive Medicine Of Texas can assist you by delivering an experience that meets the highest of standards. Our pain-free, clean and effective process can help you remove unwanted hair from your body. Even if you have tried less effective methods like traditional shaving, creams or electrolysis, we can help you safely and permanently remove unwanted hair.

Why You Should Choose Us

We take advantage of the latest in proven and effective laser technology for our Plano long lasting hair removal clients, which include:

– Short treatment times

– Lack of uncomfortable procedures

– Results that last

– Proven technology that’s fully approved

– Medical supervision at all times

No prep time or messy gels are required for these Plano comfortable hair removal expert treatments. We use two totally unique technologies in our patented process – a high speed vacuum-assisted system makes this perfect for large hair removal areas while our ChillTip®  provides pinpoint accuracy for smaller more targeted areas.

Am I A Plano LightSheer® Laser Hair Removal Candidate?

Unless you are dealing with the effects of an active infection, an active cold sore or several other serious conditions you should be able to take advantage of our procedure. Our highly trained medical team will screen you carefully and ensure there are no complications that can interfere with the process or cause you less than ideal results from our hair removal process.

The results are most effective when hair has just started to grow, so we will schedule several treatments for optimal results. While there may some slight swelling in certain individuals, this disappears quickly. You will be able to show off your beautiful new hair-free skin to others in very little time.

People from all parts of the world, including the local area, depend on us for the best Plano comfortable hair removal expert treatments available. Our founders Drs. Gaman and Anderson have inspired us to offer only the best hair removal experience available. Whether they are local to the Plano area or live on the other side of the globe, discriminating clients everywhere who are looking for the best in care and discretion trust us with their medical care.

Contact Our Team To Learn More

The medical staff at Executive Medicine Of Texas are standing by to explain all of the details about how our Plano LightSheer® laser hair removal treatments can improve your appearance. Give us a call today at 817-552-4300 to discover more and get the clear answers to any questions you may have. In a very short time, you can permanently remove unwanted hair as we help you create the look you have always wanted, so contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.