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Executive Medicine of Texas has been featured in numerous publications.


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PHL 17 - Philadelphia

Why Are We All So Tired, Yet We’re Seemingly Doing Less?

Philadelphia (PHL17) Morning News

As one expert puts it, “Why are we all so tired, yet we’re seemingly doing less?” Judy Gaman who is an author and has a podcast calls it, “decision fatigue.” She says there are ways to identify it and combat the effects.

Good Morning Texas

How to be an advocate for the elderly during pandemic

Good Morning Texas (WFAA)

Author and Executive Medicine of Texas CEO Judy Gaman speaks to Good Morning Texas about being an advocate for the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

25 Ways Your Body Changes After 50

Eat This Not That

While you might not be able to stop the aging process—mother nature is in control, after all—you can certainly slow it down.

health professional radio - executive medicine of texas

Longevity and Staying Young

Health Professionals Radio

Judy Gaman, an award-winning author, public speaker, and CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas, talks about her upcoming book “Love, Life, & Lucille: Lessons from a Centenarian”


8 Experts Offer Tips for Stress Awareness Month

Family Times Magazine

April is Stress Awareness Month and Lord knows, the world has been under quite a bit of stress! Sometimes it is good to know, no matter how rich, beautiful or educated a person is, they all go through their own versions of stress.

Yoga Digest

So Covid’s Made You a Hot Mess – Now What?

Yoga Digest

You may not even know where to start if COVID has uprooted your life, so here’s a foolproof plan that you can work on while stuck at home to get back on track.


Spring Clean Your Health

Best Company

With the warming of the weather, many people carry on the tradition of spring cleaning to help them refresh their home from the winter. As you’re refreshing your home, here’s some expert advice to help you spring clean your health in these three areas.

KRLD 1080 radio

Experts Say Working From Home Could Cause Bad Habits

KRLD Radio

If you think working from home is causing you to slip into some bad habits, you aren’t alone. Judy Gaman, CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas says if you’ve been sleeping in later and snacking more often, that’s okay. But as you return to work, she says it’s time to get back into your regular routine.

Forth worth chamber

Leaders Online: Return to Work Safely

Fort Worth Chamber

Judy Gaman, nationally syndicated radio host and CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas, will be featured for June’s Leaders Online webinar to discuss returning Back to Work Safely.


Ready, Set, Visit

Practice Link

J. Mark Anderson, M.D., founding partner at Executive Medicine of Texas adds that insight into how you should pay attention to community ratings and reputation.


Cover Story: A Personalized Approach to Your Health

Society Life Magazine

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has put into sharper focus, it’s our health. Executive Medicine of Texas is featured as the cover story for a personalized approach to your health.


Top Doctors 2020

Southlake Style Magazine

J. Mark Anderson, M.D. and Walter Gaman, M.D. of Executive Medicine of Texas answer a series of questions about concierge medicine and more.


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