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San Antonio Executive Health Exams & Corporate Wellness Program

The road to better health begins with a comprehensive health exam in San Antonio at Executive Medicine of Texas. Our physicians care about delivering you the best experience and options possible for optimizing your health. We care about our physician-patient relationships, which is why we aim to make your experience go above and beyond what you would experience at a conventional doctor’s office.

Upon entering our facility, you will arrive in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. When you have your first comprehensive physical exam, our physicians and medical team will spend several hours with you to fully access your current state of health and your long-term goals. If your appointment is in the morning, we will even serve lunch around noon. We do everything possible to create a comfortable environment while using your medical information to generate a proactive health plan for you.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Using your current level of wellness to set personalized health goals is only the beginning. Dr. Walter Gaman and Dr. Mark Anderson have created a corporate wellness program in San Antonio to complete the puzzle of optimal wellness. This unique wellness program works directly with human resource managers and benefit directors to design a custom program that fits the specific needs of professionals. 

Most Americans spend a large amount of time at work. Therefore, it is beneficial if you feel that your workplace supports and encourages healthy lifestyle choices. After all, a huge portion of preventative medicine is based around the idea that daily investment in better health can help you avoid the personal and financial consequences associated with diseases. Fortunately, our corporate wellness programs can help corporate businesses integrate personal wellness into the workplace.

Our distinguished physicians have created a Path to Wellness Program that can easily be integrated into any corporate-level wellness initiative. This program offers medical expertise delivered to employees by motivational coaches, world-renowned physicians, and fitness and nutrition experts. At Executive Medicine of Texas, we are committed to proactive health initiatives that can meet your goals of greater health.

Great Health and Better Energy

Achieving great health means having better energy, improved productivity, and a happier life. San Antonio executive health exams will give you the information needed to get a real handle on your health. We will help you boost your energy levels and achieve great health in long-lasting ways. The best way to accomplish these goals is to get a concierge membership.

One of our concierge doctors will hold a personal consultation with you to specify a plan of action that will allow you to start improving your health immediately. When you combine your personal commitment with participation in a corporate wellness program, it will the perfect recipe for achieving total wellness. By taking advantage of the programs we have to offer, you will be able to accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Schedule Your First Exam Today

Our world-class team is here to support a healthier you. Make a real investment in the future of your health by tapping into the best care possible. For more information about our San Antonio executive health exams and corporate wellness programs, give us a call today at 817-552-4300 or 800-910-3932.