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San Antonio Executive Health Exams For Proactive Health

See firsthand just how simple it can be to implement San Antonio executive health exams into your corporate culture. At Executive Medicine of Texas our specialty is boutique healthcare. Our private doctors and their staff pride themselves on offering the same great healthcare that executives and their staff expect, but they also do it with greater convenience and personalization.

You don’t have to go it alone when evaluating an important benefit like executive healthcare, and we are here to help you at every step. Allow us to share the experience and knowledge we’ve acquired from creating personalized healthcare solutions for company executives and their families. See how our experience creating customized corporate health and wellness programs, combined with your knowledge of the people who work for you, can be a big win for both you and your entire company. You can offer the finest San Antonio proactive health coverage for your leaders today.

Regardless Of Your Corporate Health Goals We Can Assist

Executives with a wide range of cultural backgrounds and healthcare routines come from all over the world to receive our professional care. We have created a wide-ranging menu of service offerings to make sure that we can address the entire spectrum of health care issues that may need to be addressed for our clients. Our services list for executive physical clients include an extensive review of your medical history, advanced lab work covering 86 unique value points, hormone level testing, hearing and vision screening, fitness analysis, body composition analysis, cardiac stress testing, skin cancer screening and much more. We also provide all our executive physical clients with a leather bound review of their results and recommendations, plus lunch is served on your appointment day.

Our team of concierge physicians and their staff understands that there are a wide-range of different medical treatments that work for people because we are all unique. We will do everything we can to treat you and your family with methods you are most comfortable with.

Convenient San Antonio Executive Health Exams

If you have never experienced private care we invite you to get all of your questions fully addressed. All of our providers that conduct our San Antonio proactive health exams and other procedures have the same training and certifications that standard providers have, and they provide the same great care. One of the key distinctions that our providers offer is their flexibility. By keeping our client base at a manageable level to provide truly personalized care, we are able to eliminate the scheduling challenges and in-office waiting times that most patients experience at regular doctor offices.

You will no longer have to book your appointment 30 or 60 days in advance, and you can enjoy the benefit of having your actual appointments on time because we are selective with our clients, and we don’t overbook. With executive concierge health plans from Executive Medicine of Texas, you are truly in charge of your healthcare experience in a way that really matters.

Keep Your Executives And Their Families Healthy

With the help of Executive Medicine of Texas, you can offer San Antonio executive health exams to your employees as a valuable service that delivers multiple benefits. These include improving the quality of your team’s healthcare, improving their quality of life and giving them the flexibility that can support their busy schedules. If you have been considering offering private employee health exams but do not know where to start, then please let us guide you. From helping individuals identify health threats during physical exams to providing flexible concierge medical tests, we have the experience you are looking for.

If you are ready to stop planning and start putting your health plans into action, then give us a call at 817-552-4300. You can ask all your questions, and we will give you thorough answers along with an outline on just how simple and affordable the implementation of a private health offering for your leadership and their family can be! Call 817-552-4300 and get started.