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San Antonio Executive Physicals & Age Management Program

In our San Antonio age management program, we combine the information from our executive health exams with evidence-based solutions to degenerative disease prevention. When you invest in these state of the art services, you will have the power of personal health and wellness at your fingertips. Our age management program will help minimize your risk for early-onset degenerative diseases while enhancing both your personal and professional life. 

Our San Antonio physicians are dedicated to keeping you happy, healthy, and lively throughout every stage of your life. Take control of your personal wellness today by scheduling an executive physical appointment with Executive Medicine of Texas. 


Health in the Workplace

Our comprehensive approach to better health is applied to more than just an individual basis. Instead, we work hard to create a culture of wellness among companies using our corporate health and wellness program. We understand that it can be difficult to maintain your personal health goals while balancing a busy personal life and a high-pressure business. This is why our team at Executive Medicine of Texas works closely with corporations to support both personal and professional wellness.

We know how important it is to boost health and wellness in your corporation, which is why we offer our corporate health clients VIP health checkups. While our comprehensive executive physicals take the health of all employees into consideration, our VIP health checkups go the extra mile. During our VIP health checkups, our San Antonio physicians carefully assess the ongoing health of your company’s key employees. 

Employees that take on more pressure than others are susceptible to higher levels of stress and other health implications, so it is important to keep a close watch on the well-being of key employees. In fact, the CDC has proven that when key employees are happy, energized, and healthy, the entire organization will be more productive and perform at optimal levels. After all, enhancing corporate wellness is a ripple effect – it trickles into all other areas of life. You will perform better as an employee as well as an individual. 


Keys to Wellness

Regardless of which service you indulge in at Executive Medicine of Texas, you will quickly learn that our innovative approach to wellness is highly effective. While traditional disease-based models of medicine focus on dealing with symptoms, we believe in the power of functional medicine. Functional medicine takes the focus away from dealing with symptoms and examines the root causes of health concerns. 

Our San Antonio age management program makes the most out of functional medicine by examining the root causes and incorporating proactive and preventative medicine into the lives of our patients. Using genetic testing for age management and comprehensive longevity planning, we will help you make the most out of your life. In addition, our unique concierge health plans make it easier than ever to optimize your health on a personal level. 


Get Started Today

You are worthy of a long, healthy life. Why delay improving your overall health when you can start today? Now is the time to get your personal health priorities in order. Our trusted medical team is ready to help you get started on a path towards enhanced happiness and increased productivity. Schedule an appointment for one of our San Antonio executive physicals today by calling us at 817-552-4300 or 800-910-3932.