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Physical Medicine / Manipulation



Pain in the neck or back could be due to poor posture. Assessing posture and correcting the spine so the body aligns correctly can often relieve chronic pain. Many people are surprised when presented with photos and graphs that analyze their own posture. Once corrected, work performance can improve, headaches often resolve, and chronic back issues become a thing of the past.


Musculoskeletal injuries and repetitive stress may lead to joint, soft tissue, disk, and neurological conditions. Left untreated (remaining dysfunctional), our bodies will compensate to help reduce acute pain, but this may lead to more serious, chronic conditions. A Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment helps to improve joint motion, soft tissue function, reduce pressure and swelling, and help restore proper nerve conduction that may be caused by the effects of acute or chronic injury. Both the spine and extremities receive treatment for a full-body care experience.


FSR Therapy is like nothing you have ever felt before. Deep tissue stimulation penetrates and numbs muscle layers while the doctor works to break up adhesions due to injuries and repetitive stress. Strength levels are based on patient tolerance. Treatment is intense, yet comfortable, unlike deep tissue massage performed by massage therapists, technicians, and providers of soft tissue therapy. Therapy helps to alleviate foot, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, spinal issues, and much more. This therapy is perfect for athletic, and other traumatic injuries, as it helps to reduce inflammation when steroid therapy is not an option. It may also be helpful for post-surgical pain, inflammation, and scar tissue formation. A water-soluble magnesium gel may be added to this service. ​


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