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Southlake Executive Physicals From High End Physicians

If you have been searching for a reliable provider of Southlake executive physicals, then look no further than the professionals at Executive Medicine Of Texas. Our private medical teams have the years of experience and industry knowledge to serve your most valuable employees with the highest quality of private care. We are leaders in the proactive and preventative medicine industry. Our entire staff is fully dedicated to individual, corporate and executive wellness in every aspect. Our team of Southlake high-end physicians can conduct executive health physicals for your leadership team and executives in the privacy of our professional office facilities. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are working with the very best.

Physical Exams For Executive Leaders

The people who lead your Southlake organization work hard. Every day they make tough decisions and motivate their team. So what can you do to retain them? Offer them the convenience of physical exams and other medical procedures from specialty private care doctors in a way that’s truly convenient for their schedule.
The staff at Executive Medicine Of Texas specializes in providing the highest quality of individualized private care to corporations and their leaders from around the world. You can receive all the unique benefits of concierge care, a higher level of personalized attention without feeling rushed and at the same time eliminate many of the frustration aspects of standard doctor visits which include crowded waiting rooms and overbooked appointment times which keep you waiting.

With our medical team and our concierge services your executives can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are truly in control of your schedule and your healthcare. Some of the benefits associated with our concierge packages include 24/7 access by phone to your physician, online virtual physician consultations and same day or next office visits.

Our executive physicals are exceptional in terms of the quality of care, the wide range of service offerings and the personalized manner they are delivered in the comfort of our top notch facilities. Some of the services provided include extensive reviews of your medical history, advanced lab work with 86 unique values measured, hormone level testing, vision, hearing and skin cancer screenings in addition to cardiac stress tests, prostate exams and body composition analysis. Each client for our executive physical program receives lunch the day of their appointment and a leather bound copy of their results and our recommendations.

Years Of Experience Providing Quality Outsourced Solutions

At Executive Medicine Of Texas we have the training and experience to meet your Southlake medical needs. With years of serving local company leaders and executives to deliver the highest quality of care, our medical personnel pride themselves on their professionalism and flexibility.

Reward your executives with the gift of concierge medicine and our unique health screening packages. Watch your employee satisfaction and productivity go through the roof.

Call Now To Learn How You Can Promote A Healthier Company

With Executive Medicine Of Texas on your side, your people will enjoy the benefit of having qualified Southlake high-end physicians handling their care, along with the benefits of flexibility for scheduling. Outsourcing your Southlake executive physicals to a reliable provider of concierge medical services like EM Texas is one of best decisions you can make.

Learn more about how we can improve your leadership satisfaction and employee loyalty. Call us at 817-552-4300 right now and one of our friendly staff will answer all your questions. See how our office concierge staff can make your company more productive, your leaders more satisfied all while improving the health and wellness of your valued team members.