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Southlake LightSheer® Laser Hair Removal Comfortable Expert Treatments

Executive Medicine Of Texas can provide you with the highest quality of Southlake LightSheer® laser hair removal treatments available in the local area. Whether you have tried and failed with methods like regular creams, shaving or electrolysis, you can permanently and safely remove unwanted areas of hair by using our proprietary technology. Our painless and effective procedure lets you remove unwanted hair growth from all parts of your body.

Can Your Laser Hair Removal Help Me?

Our dedicated staff and medical team members will evaluate you with care and make sure there aren’t any risk factors that could impact the process or cause you anything less than ideal results from our hair removal process. Unless you are dealing with the effects of a cold sore, an active infection or a few other conditions, our procedure should be perfect for you.

The most effective results are experienced by our clients when their targeted area of hair has just begun to grow. With that in mind, our staff will coordinate an multiple-treatment schedule that works for you to deliver the optimum results. We do have a very small percentage of clients that experience some light swelling, but it goes away rapidly and is not even an issue with most people. In no time, you can reveal your new hair-free skin to your friends and family.

Discriminating clients from al across the globe depend on us for the highest quality of Southlake comfortable hair removal expert treatments available. Drs. Gaman and Anderson, our founders, have created a culture that allows us to provide only the highest quality hair removal experience. Regardless of where they live, the local area or somewhere else in the world, our clients have very high expectations in terms of service and results. They continue to give us their confidence in meeting their Southlake long lasting hair removal needs.

We Will Take Great Care Of You

We offer the latest in proven effective laser treatment technology for our Southlake LightSheer® laser hair removal, which includes:

– No uncomfortable procedures

– Short treatment times

– approved technology

– Medical supervision

– Lasting results

When it comes to our Southlake comfortable hair removal expert treatments, you will be pleased to know that sticky gels and long preparation times are not a requirement.  There are two distinct technologies that we utilize in our proprietary procedures, the first of which is a high speed vacuum-assisted system that is ideal for large hair removal areas. The second delivers pinpoint accuracy for smaller size target areas and is our ChillTip® technology.

Call Us Today To Find How You Can Get Started

The friendly Executive Medicine Of Texas support team is available right now to discuss your Southlake LightSheer® laser hair removal treatment options so that you can accomplish the goals you have for your body. Please contact us today by calling 817-552-4300 to get your questions answered and learn more about our breakthrough technology and treatments. Working together, we can quickly help you achieve your dream of removing unwanted hair.