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Westlake CoolSculpting® Non-Invasive Fat Removal Procedure

Your search for a high-quality reputable provider of Westlake CoolSculpting® is at an end. If you have been putting fat removal off because you thought it meant uncomfortable surgery and a long recovery time, procrastinate no more! This non-invasive fat removal procedure is the only FDA cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment for fast-moving “on the go” lifestyles like yours. And unlike regular medical procedures with long wait times, bust exam rooms and inflexible schedules, our fat-freezing procedure can accommodate you.

Most medical professionals ask their patients to conform to them. But during the Westlake non-invasive fat removal procedure offered by  Executive Medicine Of Texas, we focus on the patient instead. We offer private exams, the utmost discretion and fast procedure times. You will have access to our team via cell or email for quick answers to any questions and we always put our patients first. The safety of CoolSculpting® technology is FDA assured, so if you have been putting off fat removal, now you have a fast, painless and discrete option!

We Provide The Care You Deserve

Our Westlake CoolSculpting® procedure meets the needs of discriminating people like you. Executive Medicine Of Texas’ Westlake licensed medical professionals can eliminate fat bulges in specific areas or smaller spots you may have noticed. All of this is done with your time constraints and privacy in mind.

The two founders of our company are highly respected medical doctors. As experts on treatments like our Westlake non-invasive fat removal procedure, their opinions are highly sought after by the media. In addition, they host a radio program where callers can ask medical questions. Thanks to their influence, everything Executive Medicine Of Texas does centers around providing the highest quality of care in a private environment.

Improve Your Appearance Today!

Westlake CoolSculpting® from Executive Medicine Of Texas can transform your appearance with no surgery or uncomfortable machines. Whether you have dealt with unsightly fat for years or just starting to notice it, our FDA-approved process can take pounds off in a single session and return the beauty those bulges have been hiding. Call our team of experts today at 817-552-4300 to learn more! We are standing by for your call and look forward to answering all of your questions. When you work with us to remove stubborn fat you will be assured of impressive results that people will notice!