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Chris Tupper, D.C.
Chris Tupper

Chris Tupper, D.C.

Dr. Chris Tupper, a well-established chiropractor in the San Antonio and Boerne, Texas areas, now brings his knowledge and experience to Executive Medicine of Texas.

After graduating from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1997, he served most of his 20 plus year career in the medical community including rehabilitation facilities, large multidisciplinary and family practices, pain management, and neurology.

He has appeared on multiple television shows including Univision News, Channel 5 News, and Good Morning San Antonio with Tangi Patton, speaking about the role of chiropractic related to musculoskeletal disorders and nutrition.

He has also educated and treated many medical students from The University of Texas School of Medicine in San Antonio on the positive effects of evidence-based chiropractic care. Dr. Tupper has earned the trust and respect of his professional peers in any community he serves

Dr. Tupper is known by his patients as being focused on solutions rather than offering lengthy and unnecessary treatment plans. His techniques offer rapid results for many musculoskeletal conditions. He utilizes a wide range of therapies such as Functional Stimulation Release “FSR Therapy” – a unique therapy developed after years of experience. FSR therapy numbs, contracts, and stretches individual muscle layers while the doctor works to break up adhesions due to injuries or repetitive stress. Treatment is intense, yet comfortable, unlike deep tissue massage performed by massage therapists, technicians, and providers of soft tissue therapy.

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