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Walter Gaman, MD

Walter Gaman, MD, DABFM, FAAFP


A native of Canada, Dr. Gaman earned his medical degree from the University of Manitoba. He holds a board certification in Family Medicine and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is the co-author of several award-winning books including: Stay Young: 10 Proven Steps to Ultimate Health and Age to Perfection: How to Thrive to 100, Happy, Healthy, and Wise. When not treating patients, he spends his time as an expert for the media, including television and radio. In addition to guest appearances, he was the co-host of the nationally syndicated Staying Young Radio Show for nine years. He can now be heard via the podcast Stay Young America! where he and his co-hosts interview leading scientists, best-selling authors, and even celebrities. Their goal is to disseminate as much health information as possible to the masses. 

Being an avid chess player, he knows that health is all about the moves you have made and the ones you are about to make. As an expert in age management and health optimization, Dr. Gaman gives each of his patients a plan of action that best suits their situation.  He is often referred to as a master diagnostician by his colleagues, which has earned him accolades time and time again, including: Best in D, Best Doctors in Texas by Newsweek Magazine, Top Docs, and many more. Dedicated to being a life-long learner, he is currently attending Harvard Extension School and working toward a graduate certificate in Strategic Management. 

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