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Invest in Your Executives with Exclusive Concierge Medicine Benefit Perks

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Your C-level executives worked hard to get where they’re at, adding immense value to your company along the way.

Providing private, individually-tailored medical benefits exemplifies that executive health is a priority for your corporation. At Executive Medicine of Texas, we offer a luxury, world-renowned concierge medicine experience for leading companies’ top professionals.

Top-Tier Concierge Care Helps Corporations Thrive

Exclusive care for exclusive personnel. Whether it’s saving money or elevating company culture, corporate concierge health is the answer. A growing number of prestigious corporations recognize the importance of comprehensive, full-scale corporate wellness programs and continue to adopt them.

We transform your C-level executives’ wellness journey with a luxury healthcare experience that improves work productivity, boosts company morale and gives your company an advantage over the competition.

Improve Productivity with Personalized Attention

Through our exclusive membership-based practice, your execs will experience the luxury of concierge medicine. It transforms primary care into a true partnership between doctor and patient.

Our physicians work around their schedule so they get the care they need, exactly when they need it. This flexibility means your busiest executives don’t have to miss a day of work to make their doctor’s appointment.

Boost Morale with Indulgence in Private Care

Our concierge physicians see a limited number of exclusive patients. This means appointments are always on-time, never rushed, and give members one-on-one time to build quality personal relationships.

Who knew you could have your doctor on speed dial? Our patients receive 24/7 availability from their doctors, including access to their personal emails and cell phone numbers.

Employer-provided concierge healthcare boosts executive morale. They feel valued by a company who appreciates them enough to provide this advanced level of medical attention.

Save Costs with Next Level Preventive Health Screening

The best way to solve a health problem is to find it before it starts. Our executive physical exams are among the most comprehensive worldwide. We spend a half-day with your executives, identifying their true health status with more than 100 lab values and a battery of other diagnostics.

Get your execs in the best shape of their lives. Full-scale preventive care helps curb unnecessary future health expenses for your company.

Executive Physicals - Executive Medicine of Texas
Cropped shot of a doctor shaking hands with a businessman

Increase Top-Level Employee Retention and Recruitment

Executives accustomed to premium healthcare in the form of luxury concierge medicine are not typically inclined to relinquish that benefit.

Implementing this sought-after asset could very well mean the retention of your most advanced professionals even during a company slump. By the same token, offering this unique perk as part of your benefits package can be key to attracting new, valuable talent.

Take Advantage of Luxury Amenities

We welcome our concierge patients with convenient arrangements so they feel like guests at a retreat rather than a typical doctor’s office.

Are they heading back to the office or catching a flight after the appointment? Our private executive restrooms provide a place to shower and refresh, complete with a hair dryer and other toiletries.

We offer complimentary breakfast and/or lunch after an executive’s exam. They’re also provided with space to simply clear their mind in our exclusive concierge lounge.

Seamlessly Integrate Concierge Services into Your Executive Perks

As an H.R. executive, we know your daily schedule doesn’t leave much room for free time.

We’ve developed our state-of-the-art C-level employee solutions so that they harmonize with your existing benefits seamlessly.

Meet Our World-Renowned Physicians

Our board-certified experts work together as a team to optimize the overall health of your leading executives with individualized care focused on preventive medicine.

As health journey partners, our physicians use their extensive list of culminated relationships in the medical field to assist with referrals to outside specialists whenever necessary.

Walter Gaman, MD, DABFM, FAAFP

Walter Gaman, MD, DABFM, FAAFP

Founding Partner
  • Medical Degree, University of Manitoba
  • Board Certification, Family Medicine
  • Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
J. Mark Anderson, MD, DABFM

J. Mark Anderson, MD, DABFM

Founding Partner
  • Medical Degree, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
  • Board Certification, Family Medicine
  • Diplomat, American Board of Family Medicine
  • Certification, Age Management Medicine
Elizabeth Cox, MD

Elizabeth Cox, MD

  • Medical Degree, University of Illinois, College of Medicine
  • Board Certified, Family Medicine
  • Trained in Hormone Replacement Therapy & Peptide Therapy

Give Your Executives the Ultimate Experience

When your executives are happy and healthy, your bottom line is, too. See why executives and VIPS from around the globe prefer our concierge services and exams, which are among the most comprehensive worldwide.

World-Renowned Services Make Global Partnerships

We’ve partnered with prestigious corporations around the world like the ones shown below, providing our high-end healthcare experience to their top executives.

As Featured In

Our top-tier concierge health programs along with our team of highly-respected medical experts have been highlighted across several U.S. publications over the years.

Executives Trust our Experience

Transform Your Executive Benefits Program

Enhance your corporate executives’ quality of life with personalized luxury concierge medicine. Get in touch with a team member from our practice to learn more.

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