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Changing the Face of Healthcare With Concierge Medicine in Dallas

Changing the Face of Healthcare With Concierge Medicine in Dallas

Finding a doctor who takes the time to know you on a personal level, cares about meeting your specific needs, and is available to work around your busy schedule is difficult. It’s also frustrating – many people feel like they aren’t receiving the level of healthcare that they need. That’s why our expert physicians at Executive Medicine of Texas are changing the face of healthcare with our Dallas concierge doctors. 

Concierge medicine is centered around patient care, prevention strategies, and small-scale practices. By embracing patient care as a top priority, around the clock access to physicians and same-day appointments are crucial to concierge medicine. In order to provide the best care possible, our Dallas concierge doctors focus on prevention rather than symptom management. Proactive medicine treats diseases before they become a bigger problem – saving patients time and money in the long run. Lastly, by having a small-scale practice, physicians and patients are able to develop trusting relationships with one another. As a result, concierge medicine gives patients access to quality, compassionate healthcare that they need.


You have a busy schedule, but you also have needs. How many times have you delayed going to the doctor or getting a health exam because of your work schedule? How many times have you wished to have access to phenomenal health care at your fingertips? Why not take advantage of a plan that gets those needs met while working with your schedule? 

Our concierge program consists of multiple concierge membership packages to best meet the needs of every individual. While each of our plans differs from one another, all focus on providing same or next day office visits and 24/7 physician access. Whether your focus is on age management, physical therapy, or taking care of your entire family, there is a package that will satisfy your requirements. 


A regular doctor’s office revolves around the needs of the physicians. The schedules meet the physician’s needs, the waiting rooms are dull, and the appointments are quick. With concierge medicine in Dallas, we are changing the entire experience.

A patient’s experience begins from the second they make the phone call to their healthcare provider. At Executive Medicine of Texas, our staff greets patients in a warm, welcoming manner. We then invite them in for coffee, tea, and even lunch. Our Dallas concierge doctors then take the time to really get to know their patients, understand their goals and develop the best, proactive plan possible. The appointment time will be set for you, the amenities will make you comfortable, and you will know that your doctor really cares. 


Trying to see a doctor after symptoms appear is a thing of the past. Instead, proactive and preventative medicine is key to making your health a priority. Our concierge doctors in Dallas will work closely with you to reveal the underlying causes and conditions of your health concerns and develop a plan of action. Our goal is to tackle your health needs before they become severe and to prevent diseases before they begin. 

The luxury of time is something you cannot afford when it comes to your health. In order for proactive and preventative health care to work, patients must be committed to optimizing their personal health. When there are a strong commitment and understanding between providers and patients, a patient is given the tools needed to stay healthy. 


Working with a concierge doctor to proactively manage your health can drive down healthcare costs and ensure you are receiving the healthcare you deserve. To learn more about our trusted concierge doctors in Dallas or inquire about obtaining a concierge membership, contact Executive Medicine of Texas today at 817-552-4300 or 1-800-910-3932.

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