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Concierge Medicine at Executive Medicine of Texas

Concierge Medicine at Executive Medicine of Texas

Concierge Medicine at Executive Medicine of Texas Is Helping to Change the Landscape of Healthcare with New Campaign

Concierge medicine is becoming a significant part of the health care landscape. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), patient loads have increased on an already heavily taxed health care system. Long waits, crowded reception rooms, and stressed health care staff have led to a less than desirable experience for patients. Not only are the patients dissatisfied, more and more health care providers are making a change in an effort to escape from what many are calling the treadmill of medicine. The “Better Health/Better Life Campaign” by Executive Medicine of Texas will go into full swing September 2015 and is designed to educate individuals and corporations on the benefits of concierge medicine programs.

Concierge medicine is not new, but in the past was mostly utilized by the very wealthy. Now, more physicians have designing concierge plans so they, and their patients, can get off that treadmill and focus on personalized care. Since not all plans are the same, patients should be careful when comparing the benefits offered in a concierge plan to ensure they are obtaining value for the expense.

Executive Medicine of Texas, a leader in proactive and preventative medicine, has long been known for their comprehensive half-day examinations. Many requests over the years have resulted in them also handling the primary care needs of their patients, therefore they were one of the first to design a concierge plan to cover those needs. They now have increased their concierge offerings, and the four carefully designed four plan options allow the patient to utilize which plan best suits their need. Some plans cover extensive testing and the highest level exam, coupled with any needed imaging (CT, MRI, x-ray), while others have a less extensive exam, but also cover bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. All concierge plans offer national and international air medical transfer in case of hospitalization via Medjet.

“Our concierge clientele list has grown significantly as a result of the increase in deductibles and the decrease in access due to the ACA. The success of the program is also a result of our determination to offer the patient an excellent experience coupled with a great value,” states Walter Gaman, MD a founding partner at Executive Medicine of Texas.

While concierge plans across the country range from $2,000-$100,000, Executive Medicine plans start at $3,900 and go up to $9,500, based on included benefits. Family plans are also available. Overall, these plans can be a tremendous value and include primary care visits as well as many services not traditionally covered by insurance.

Marty Flanagan, a patient at Executive Medicine of Texas shares his experience, “The concierge program means that my family has the security of knowing we can have excellent care right when we need it. In the past, we had to wait weeks for our doctor appointments, fighting through the red tape. Now, we just pick up the phone and are seen right away. The personalized care is something you just don’t get anywhere else.”

Concierge medicine plans are not just popular with individuals, many corporations are making this part of their executive benefit package. Mark Anderson, MD of Executive Medicine of Texas explains, “About half of our business is corporate contracts. These corporations entrust us to keep their highest level executives in the best health possible. So many of these clients have now chosen to make the concierge packages standard for their C-levels. This way they know the executives are taken care of 24/7.”

Regardless of what changes come along in healthcare, concierge medicine will remain. People who have gone the route of concierge plans are not likely to return to full waiting rooms or accept extended wait times for an appointment. Not to mention, having their physician’s direct phone number on speed dial.


Founded by Drs. Mark Anderson and Walter Gaman, Executive Medicine of Texas has become a leader in the healthcare industry, with many accolades to show for their dedication to better service and access. Patients fly in from all over the world to experience the services offered and meet the founders who are well-known for their diagnostic abilities. Executive Medicine of Texas is the healthcare home to top executives, busy individuals, high profile patients, and leading corporations. Located at 1545 East Southlake Blvd, Ste. 110, Southlake, TX 76092 (800) 910-3932


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