Executive Medicine of Texas 2019 Holiday Wellness Gift Guide

Executive Medicine of Texas 2019 Holiday Wellness Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, people everywhere are searching for the right gift to give to their health-conscious loved ones. That’s why we have put together a wellness gift guide – to introduce you to some of our top-selling products that would make a thoughtful and useful gift this holiday season. 


Great nutrition promotes great health while preventing chronic diseases and premature aging. Proven through research and real-world examples, foundational nutritional support is essential for both vitality and a long life.

Stay Young Premier Packs provide this cornerstone nutrition in convenient packets of easy-to-absorb vitamins, minerals, and supplements containing antioxidants and phytonutrients designed to maximize your overall health and keep you age-positive.

Each pack contains:


Whether you are a young adult or are approaching your senior years, there are things you can do each day to stop premature aging and help you thrive in your older years. Ready to start being happy, healthy, and wise? Age to Perfection will show you how.

Do you have a loved one who is worried about aging? Age to Perfection, professionally written by Drs. Mark Anderson, M.D., Walter Gaman, M.D., and Judy Gaman, is filled with research interviews, and antidotes to help people age gracefully. It is packed with real advice that is applicable to anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life. 


Looking for the best anti-aging skin care products for your loved one? Look no further than Lifeline Dual Action Exfoliator coupled with the Lifeline Eye Firming Complex. The dual-action exfoliator is made with glycolic acid and microcrystals that safely and effectively exfoliate dead skin cells. This fragrance-free product also returns vitamins and antioxidants to your skin for a completely revitalized complexion.

After properly exfoliating, the Lifeline eye firming complex uses a non-embryonic stem cell extract that nurtures collagen and fibroblasts – leaving skin smoother and more radiant than ever. For an extra special gift, throw in the Lifeline Day/Night Moisture Serum 2-Pack for a comprehensive approach to reduce the signs of aging. Whether your loved one is a skincare fanatic or needs to give their skin some TLC, these gifts are for them.


Are you looking to go above and beyond for a particular family member’s gift? IV-infusion therapy is your answer. With six unique packages to choose from and a ton of available add-ons to choose from, you can create the IV-infusion therapy package that will meet the needs of your loved one. Whether they need an energy or immune boost or anti-inflammatory therapy, Executive Medicine of Texas has an IV-infusion therapy package for everyone. 

Give the gift of wellness this holiday season. Everyone deserves to live healthy and happy, and Executive Medicine of Texas has wellness gifts that meet the needs of everyone. So, which wellness product will you be gifting this year?

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