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How Functional Nutrition Differs From a Traditional Approach

Functional medicine is an innovative approach to health and wellness that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease rather than simply treating the symptoms. Nutrition plays a major role in root cause resolution.  

At Executive Medicine of Texas, our functional nutrition program is one crucial element of our approach, a solution-oriented and highly personalized road map to optimal health. 

Our nutrition counselors, Randi True, PA-C, FNA-C, and Rory Brown, FNA-C, have extensive experience in using the root cause approach to guide patients to enhanced health so they feel and function as optimally as possible. 

The power of functional nutrition

Issues such as pain, chronic fatigue, and bloating may all be signs that your nutrition is out of sync with your body's needs. 

The functional nutrition program at Executive Medicine of Texas is rooted in the understanding that food is medicine. With the right nutritional balance, you can experience increased energy, better quality of sleep, improved moods, and much more.

Our program is designed to be highly specific and targeted, focusing on individualized changes to your nutrition to optimize your health. 

Personalized one-on-one nutrition counseling

At Executive Medicine of Texas, we're passionate about creating a personalized nutrition plan. The functional nutrition program at Executive Medicine of Texas includes extensive lab work and 3X4 genetic testing, ensuring that your nutrition plan comes from a deep understanding of your body's specific needs.

We can help you manage and even alleviate chronic health conditions through the power of functional nutrition. Counseling based on functional nutrition can address:

If you're living with any of these conditions, nutritional counseling should be the foundation of your wellness plan. 

The key to wellness may be in your genes

Understanding your genetic makeup can be a game-changer in achieving your health goals. Your genes affect various aspects of your health, including inflammation, oxidative stress, detoxification, blood clotting, cholesterol, vascular health, and more. 

Genes can also influence your appetite, energy levels, fitness potential, and how your body processes various nutrients. Executive Medicine of Texas offers 3X4 genetic testing, with the results providing a powerful tool for guiding and personalizing your health decisions. 

Whether you’re struggling to lose weight or you’re stumped about what’s behind your low energy levels, genetic testing can provide the road map to improved health. 

Top-tier follow-up

Our care doesn't end after your consultation. Our functional nutrition program includes pre-and post-Inbody™ scans, along with four additional visits within an eight-week window to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.

High-quality functional nutrition

The team of professionals at Executive Medicine of Texas strives to provide our clients with high-quality care. Our nutrition counselors can guide you on a journey to improved health and enhanced quality of life.

To learn more about what our Functional Nutrition Program can do for you, reach out to our office by calling 817-552-4300 or request an appointment here on our website for a nutrition counseling consultation. Feel your best with the help of Executive Medicine of Texas!

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