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Why More Patients Are Turning to Our Concierge Program

Why More Patients Are Turning to Our Concierge Program

More and more patients who want accessible, personalized, comprehensive care are turning to concierge medicine. Executive Medicine of Texas offers a variety of concierge programs to meet the needs of each patient. 

When you’re looking for a more focused approach to health care, concierge medicine is an ideal option. 

Whether you’re seeking a preventive approach, managing ongoing health concerns such as autoimmune disease, or needing specific care, such as a bioidentical hormone replacement, concierge medicine is designed with you in mind.

Our concierge programs offer a year of primary care and routine lab work, same-day and next-day remote and in-person visits, a wellness and lifestyle assessment with recommendations, and air medical transfer. 

Concierge program members receive personalized attention and have direct access to medical staff 24 hours a day, including access to their provider’s cellphone number. 

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a form of health care that provides enhanced and personalized medical care. 

Patients receive access to a primary care physician who offers a wide range of services, including preventive care, and chronic disease management. The following are some of the advantages of our concierge program. 

More time with your doctor

In traditional health care, doctors are often overbooked and have limited time to spend with each patient. This can lead to rushed appointments, unanswered questions, and a general feeling of being dismissed. 

Concierge medicine allows for more time with your physician. Patients can expect longer appointments and more one-on-one time. This allows for more in-depth conversations, personalized care plans, and truly comprehensive care.

Enhanced access to care

When you want to book a traditional doctor's appointment, it’s common to have to wait weeks or even months to get in to see them. In some cases, patients may have to go to urgent care or the emergency room for more immediate health concerns. 

Our concierge program offers enhanced and convenient access to medical care. Patients can schedule appointments that work with their busy schedules and can often see their doctor on the same day. This means you can get the care you need when you need it.

Personalized care

Concierge medicine also allows for more personalized care. Your Executive Medicine of Texas provider takes time to get to know you and your specific health concerns. 

Our concierge programs give you the opportunity to build a relationship with your physician and receive more individualized care. This can include customized treatment plans, proactive health screenings, and ongoing support for chronic conditions.

Improved doctor-patient relationships

Concierge medicine fosters stronger doctor-patient relationships than traditional health care models. Because our concierge physicians have fewer patients than traditional primary care allows, they have more time to build meaningful relationships with each patient they see. 

This lets them better understand your needs, provide more personalized care, and offer guidance and support that extends beyond traditional medical care. Over 97% of patients who choose concierge care feel that their doctors spend enough time to get to know them and meet their needs, according to a survey.

Reduced stress and enhanced peace of mind

Concierge medicine can reduce stress and improve peace of mind for patients. By offering direct access to a physician who knows them and their health history well, patients can avoid the stress and uncertainty of navigating the traditional health care system. 

Additionally, concierge medicine provides preventive care and early detection of health issues, so patients can feel more in control of their health and future. 

The trend toward concierge medicine reflects a growing desire among patients for more personalized, accessible, and comprehensive care. 

If you're interested in learning more about concierge medicine and whether it's right for you, call our Southlake, Texas, office, and our scheduling coordinator will help you get started! You can also request an appointment online, or send a message to the team here on the website.

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