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Everything You Need to Know About Executive Physical Exams

Everything You Need to Know About Executive Physical Exams

Corporate executives in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex have busy, complex lives. Between driving in business, managing employees, and maintaining a work-life balance, these individuals can be under loads of pressure and stress. Similarly, finding balance in your life and staying young is a tedious process. Sometimes, you need a little extra help and care. That’s why our Dallas concierge doctors are dedicated to making it easy for corporate executives and individuals to address their health concerns and maintain optimal wellness. 


The name “executive physical” can sometimes be misleading. After all, this specialty service isn’t limited to corporate executives. Instead, it is a highly effective solution for anyone who desires advanced testing for a comprehensive look at their personal health and well-being. By combining the convenience and efficiency of our health program with personalized care and cutting-edge testing, it makes prioritizing your health a seamless experience. Anyone who is interested in getting a comprehensive look at their current health and a roadmap to better health can benefit from an executive physical exam. 


Executive physical exams in DFW go above and beyond your standard annual doctor’s visit. Executive exams allow you to have full access to the tools needed to enhance your health. When you schedule an executive exam with us, we will spend several hours evaluating your current health and discussing your wellness goals. Additionally, our in-depth assessments include advanced lab testing, imaging services, and consultations with our trusted concierge doctors.

During this exam, the information will be compiled into a detailed package. As a result, it will help you and your physician outline a plan for your health going forward. Rather than focusing on symptom management, you will learn how to proactively care for your health. With our executive coaching, we help you identify potential health risks as well. In addition, we will create an actionable plan to achieve optimal performance and health. 


At Executive Medicine of Texas, our DFW executive physical program offers a variety of different packages that can meet each and every individual’s unique needs. Regardless of which package you choose, you will have access to the following tests: 

Aside from the basics, each plan allows several add-on options such as ALCAT Food Sensitivity testing, Telomere testing, micronutrient testing, and more. As an added bonus, we will serve you lunch, schedule a follow-up exam, provide you with leather-bound results and recommendations, and give you 24/7 phone access to our staff. 


The best way to take full control of your health is to participate in an executive health program in DFW. With innovative testing, comprehensive exams, and compassionate concierge doctors, you will be confident that you are doing everything possible to improve your health. To schedule an executive exam, give us a call today at 1-817-552-4300 or 1-800-910-3932.

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