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How Concierge Doctors in Plano Are Different From Primary Care Doctors

How Concierge Doctors in Plano Are Different From Primary Care Doctors

Healthcare comes in many different forms. Recently, more and more practices are turning to private concierge medicine or direct primary care. The goal is to provide patients with better-personalized healthcare without long wait times and stuffy exam rooms. With the emerging trend of concierge medicine in Plano occurring, it is easy to see why many people prefer concierge doctors over primary care physicians. 

Think about your regular doctor’s visit. You probably anticipate spending more time in the waiting room than you do with your actual doctor. Furthermore, you may anticipate waiting longer for an available appointment time – even when you are sick. There is a high demand for primary care – but this leads to long wait times, overworked physicians, and not enough follow up care. The answer to these problems lies within the upcoming field of concierge medicine in Plano.


Plano concierge doctors center their practice around attentive patient care, preventative medicine, and small-scale patient panels. Concierge doctors are so successful because they place patient care as a top priority – something that has been missing from many larger primary care practices. One way that Plano concierge doctors make patients the priority is by offering 24/7 virtual physician access in addition to same-day appointments. Concierge doctors are enabled to offer priority access due to small patient panels.

Smaller patient panels also mean more personalized and proactive healthcare. After all, when doctors aren’t rushing from one exam room to the next, they can devote more time to each patient. This allows concierge doctors to fully understand a patient’s history, health needs, and future goals. Focusing on future health goals also helps mitigate future health risks. 

Most people go to the doctor after they begin feeling sick. Then, physicians focus on symptom management. While symptom management is important to help accelerate the healing process and keep patients safe, it fails to provide preventative care. Concierge doctors in Plano focus on preventative and proactive medicine rather than merely symptom management. The goal is to promote better patient health outcomes and prevent chronic health risks.


Plano is a hotspot for families. As a rapidly growing city that is known for its safe neighborhoods and strong education, it attracts North Texas families who are looking for a place to raise their family. Therefore, as a Plano resident, you likely have a busy life between your home, social, and work obligations. Long waits, short doctor visits, and sub-par care are a thing of the past. If you’re looking for a better way to put the edge on your personal health, concierge medicine is right for you.

With multiple concierge health plans to choose from, concierge doctors in Plano have one that will meet your specific needs. Each of our plans offers 24/7 physician access, same say office visits, and routine lab work with results that come back quick. Regardless of if your focus is on physical therapy, age management, weight loss, or providing top-notch care to your entire family, there is a package that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We know that a patient’s experience starts the second that they make their appointment and walk in the door. Our Plano concierge doctors greet patients with a warm smile, a cup of coffee, and other amenities to make each person feel right at home. When you make the switch to concierge care, you will feel comfortable knowing that your health is in the right hands. 


Are you ready to proactively manage your health? Make an appointment with our concierge doctors in Plano today by calling 817-552-4300 or 1-800-910-3932.

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