How Does an Executive Physical Differ From a Standard Annual Exam?

How Does an Executive Physical Differ From a Standard Annual Exam?

An executive physical isn’t your run-of-the-mill exam. Its function is to provide busy individuals with exceptional, preventive, care personalized to your needs. 

The executive physical goes well beyond a typical physical and focuses on implementing preventive measures to assist a company’s leaders in optimal wellness and productivity.

Executive physicals ensure that members of corporate management are in excellent health and available for work. Taking this proactive strategy can assist a company in ensuring top performance in its most crucial areas of operation.

Executive Medicine of Texas in Southlake, Texas, offers comprehensive luxury medicine for patients who desire quality care. Our multidisciplinary team provides a full range of specialized services, including executive wellness exams. Let’s dive into the ins and outs of an executive physical. 

How is an executive physical different?

The comprehensive nature of an executive physical is what sets it apart from a standard annual exam. An executive physical covers you from head to toe. Extensive blood testing, a full battery of tests, and in-depth assessments for heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses are all part of an executive physical. 

With our primary goal of keeping you in optimal health, the following are some of the wellness tests your executive physical may include:

Additional testing is individualized based on the patient’s age, medical history, and current health status. 

Customized to meet your needs

Our executive physicals take about four hours and are intended to help patients assess where they are in their health journey, what goals they want to achieve, and how they can get there. 

At Executive Medicine of Texas, we use executive physicals as a launchpad to develop strong relationships that involve understanding your lifestyle, as well as your current and future goals. 

A plan for optimal health

Our team builds a complete health profile through comprehensive labs and diagnostics. Two weeks after an executive physical, your physician meets with you to go over your results, which serve as a guide for individualized health recommendations. 

Patients leave empowered and ready to tackle their health goals.

Executive physical highlights

The following are just some of the advantages of an executive physical:

An executive physical is one of the most comprehensive wellness evaluations available. 

Who benefits from executive physicals?

Executive physicals aren’t limited to CEOs and other executives. These comprehensive wellness exams are beneficial for crucial personnel up and down the corporate ladder. Any member of your team whom you want to keep in tip-top health can benefit from an executive physical.

Executive Medicine of Texas combines top-quality medical, wellness, and preventive services to provide a comprehensive executive wellness plan. Our team offers highly customizable executive physicals to meet the needs of each individual and each company. 

The Executive Medicine of Texas team is passionate about our members and dedicated to upholding the highest level of exceptional care. 

To learn more about executive physicals and how our concierge team of specialists can best address your needs, call our office in Southlake, Texas, to set up an appointment with one of our providers, or request an appointment through our website.

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