Why the Gold Executive Physical Plan Might Be Right for You if You're Younger Than 40

Why the Gold Executive Physical Plan Might Be Right for You if You're Younger Than 40

Executive physicals are more than just perks. These comprehensive exams can boost a company’s performance and its bottom line by keeping the executive team healthy — preventing illness and enhancing well-being.  

When your schedule demands comprehensive preventive care, look to Executive Medicine of Texas for comprehensive, efficient executive physicals with flexible scheduling. Our Gold Executive Physical is excellent for healthy executives under the age of 40. 

Take a moment to explore how this executive physical can keep you in tip-top shape and performing at your peak. 

Getting an edge on health

Executive Medicine of Texas provides personalized executive screenings for individuals and corporations with a goal of detecting potential health issues early, such as hormonal imbalance. Levels of key hormones decline throughout your 30s and beyond, and this can lead to unwanted symptoms, including reduced stamina and weight gain.

Assessments are tailored to match the demands of the busy executive and are conducted in a concierge setting with comfort, privacy, and top service. This includes built-in time to discuss any health problems with our physician.

You can expect to receive individualized personal attention from our team of health care experts.

What makes executive physicals different?

Unlike a traditional 15-minute physical that covers the bare minimum, an executive physical is comprehensive. Prevention is essential to improving and maintaining health. 

Our Gold Executive Physical is designed to cover a multitude of health aspects to prevent serious health problems from developing down the road. A medical history, family history, risk assessment, and thorough physical examination are included.

Our Gold Executive Physical also encompasses:

We don’t fade out of the picture following your executive physical and leave you to do the remaining heavy lifting on your own. Roughly two weeks after your exam, your physician sits down with you to review your results and recommendations. Your results and recommendations are then given to you in a leather bound binder.

You have the option to request additional tests and services for a completely tailored experience. 

For health care that adapts to you, give our office a call to set up a consultation with the Executive Medicine of Texas team. Another option is to request your appointment here on our website. We’re honored to take this health journey with you.

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