Why You Should Invest in an Executive Physical

Maintaining a strong and healthy body is important for everyone. This is especially true for a company’s executives, who must not only manage a demanding work schedule, but also keep themselves in peak condition to avoid future health issues.

The team at Executive Medicine of Texas specializes in executive wellness and understands how vital executive health is to your company’s success. Our executive health exam is designed to identify potential health risks before they develop into serious problems. 

What is an executive exam?

Executive physicals are comprehensive annual physical examinations designed for companies and their eligible employees. These physicals go far beyond the standard annual exam, with the goal of keeping your leaders in tip-top condition by identifying potential health problems before symptoms appear.

At Executive Medicine of Texas, our executive physicals begin with an all-encompassing health evaluation that includes advanced lab testing, advanced imaging, and screenings. The focus is on preventing problems before they occur and assessing major risk areas. 

Our team schedules a follow-up consultation with your physician two weeks after an executive physical to review your results with you and create an individualized plan to keep you as healthy and productive as possible. 

The far-reaching impact of poor executive health

When the health of a company's executives is jeopardized, so is the company's future. Sudden illness or poor health in a key executive can have disastrous consequences for the business as well as the individual.

Modern stakeholders increasingly regard CEOs and other high-level executives as key drivers of a company's success.

Poor health among executive team members can lead to increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, and a slew of other issues that affect the bottom line.

Executive physicals: Well worth the investment

Executives who are out sick are unable to produce for your company, and this loss of productivity can be more costly than medical bills. Even if executives aren’t out sick, they’re much less productive when they aren’t feeling their best. 

Reduced productivity in a C-suite executive can have a cascading effect on the rest of the company. When key executives are stressed or fatigued, the number of effective decision-makers decreases, resulting in lower productivity overall.

The loss of critical leaders can cause more than just internal instability; it can also jeopardize a company's reputation, image, and bottom line.

What’s more, a sudden death of an executive can reduce the value of a company’s assets by as much as 50%, regardless of company size or how long the company has been established.

Top-quality executive wellness

Executive Medicine of Texas offers customizable, state-of-the-art executive physicals. We tailor our executive physicals to meet individual and company needs, serving clients with the highest standard of care at our Southlake, Texas, office. 

To find out how we can meet your company’s needs, give us a call to set up a consultation or request your appointment here on our website.

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