Importance of Executive Physicals

Why You Should Invest in Executive Physicals

It’s hard enough for a business to function well when a top CEO is out sick for a week. Imagine if your CEO or another top executive was diagnosed with a chronic illness and was out for a month – or longer. It’s not something that many business leaders consider, because top executives are typically reliable and hard-working employees, but it happens. Long stretches of time without these employees can be damaging to your business. When you take this into consideration, executive physicals begin sounding like a smart investment. Heres why you should invest in executive physicals in DFW. 


Executive physicals provide more than your yearly check-up will. When you choose executive physicals in DFW, you will get to choose from three different package options with additional elective add-ons. As a result, you get to pick the executive physical package that meets your employee’s health and wellness needs. In addition, the process is far more personal as your physician will spend more than an hour with you to accurately address your health concerns.

With advanced labs, a cardiac stress test, and an extensive review of your medical history, executive physicals provide a clear and detailed picture of your health. Additional testing catches issues that your general physical won’t. Furthermore, DFW executive physicals provide nutritional reviews and fitness analysis to help you stay healthy and create a health plan that is right for you. 


Executive physicals help provide certainty both for executives and business owners. When your top executives spend time with a concierge doctor and have access to 24/7 virtual visits, you can have peace of mind that your employee is being taken care of. You will feel reassured that your top executives are in good health. Since DFW executive physicals focus on proactive and preventative medicine, they can help prevent disruption due to unexpected health problems. 

Similarily, executive physicals provide same or next day test results and doctors visits, so your executives will have their health needs met quickly. Some of these tests can normally take weeks or even months to complete, but with executive physicals, your executives will have a faster and clearer understanding of their health and wellness needs. 


Since executive physicals are far more than your average annual exam, they come with a price tag. However, the price tag is minuscule compared to the costs that chronic illness and sick days bring upon your business. After all, executive physicals will ensure that your top employees receive the best healthcare possible. In addition, when your top executives are healthier, they will perform better at work – driving in more business for you. Sure – executive physicals are an investment, but they are the right investment. 

Investing in the mental and physical health of your key business leaders is essential. It makes perfect sense to provide extra health benefits in exchange for protecting your top talent. Nothing is worse than having your CEO miss weeks of work due to a preventable illness. This can leave a company in a vulnerable position. Instead, make sure your top executives are protected by utilizing our top-of-the-line executive physical exams in DFW. Get the process started today by calling Executive Medicine of Texas at 1-817-550-4300 or 1-800-910-3932.

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