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Telomere testing provides a quick and convenient way to assess the health of your telomeres, a type of genetic material that plays an important role in the aging process. At Executive Medicine of Texas, the concierge medicine providers offer telomere blood testing to help people age more gracefully. To make an appointment in Southlake, Texas, call the office or click the online booking feature today.

Telomere Q & A

What is telomere testing?

Aging is often thought of as a number, but aging occurs at the genetic level too. As you get older, your telomeres–– a type of genetic material on the end of each chromosome –– get shorter. Eventually, telomeres become so short, the cell can no longer replicate, resulting in its death.  

Telomere blood testing analyzes the length of your telomeres to determine their health in relation to your age. Specifically, the test involves a laboratory technician comparing the length of your telomeres to the average length of the telomeres in people of your same age. 

If your reading falls outside the normal percentile, it may indicate an underlying health problem.

What factors can affect the results of telomere testing?

There are a variety of factors that may affect the results of telomere testing, including your diet and how often you exercise. 

For example, if you eat foods that have lots of sugar, salt, or saturated fat, your telomeres may appear shorter than average. You might also have abnormally short telomeres if you smoke or live a primarily sedentary lifestyle. 

What if my telomeres are shorter than average?

If telomere testing determines your telomeres are shorter than average, your Executive Medicine of Texas provider develops a custom treatment plan to improve your health and quality of life. Usually, that includes a combination of healthy changes and lifestyle modification. 

One thing that can make a huge difference is maintaining a healthy weight. Your provider can develop a diet plan that incorporates fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. They can also recommend exercises or administer Slim Shots to boost your metabolism. 

To keep your telomeres healthy, it’s important to keep your stress levels in check and get plenty of sleep. Your provider at Executive Medicine of Texas can help you stay on track. 

How often should I undergo telomere testing?

Executive Medicine of Texas recommends you undergo telomere testing at least once a year. After collecting a sample of your blood, laboratory technicians compare it to your previous sample and see if lifestyle modifications have improved the length of your telomeres. 

Does the concierge medicine program include telomere testing?

Telomere testing is an add-on to a concierge medicine program at Executive Medicine of Texas. If you’re interested in undergoing telomere testing, let your provider know. They can order the test and add the fee to your next bill. 

To see if you can benefit from telomere testing, make an appointment at Executive Medicine of Texas by calling the office or clicking the online scheduling tool today. 

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