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Executive Physical Exams

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Executive Medicine of Texas

Concierge Board Certified Family Medicine & Board Certified Integrative/Holistic Medicine Physicians located in Southlake, TX

Executive physical exams at Executive Medicine of Texas, in Southlake, conveniently located between Dallas and Fort Worth, bring new meaning to the word comprehensive. People come from around the world to the Southlake, Texas, office to learn all about their true health and wellness status. An executive physical exam uses more than 100 different lab tests to check hormones, heart, lungs, brain function, physical fitness, and many other aspects of health in just half a day. Then, you learn how you can optimize, maximize, and prioritize your health with help from the experts. Book an appointment online or by phone.



Executive Physical Exams Q & A

What are executive physical exams?

Executive physical exams are comprehensive exams optimized to fit your medical care into a convenient half-day appointment at Executive Medicine of Texas. 

Your executive physical exam includes more than 100 lab tests and other tests to gather an in-depth picture of your health. When you know your true state of health in detail, you can work with medical experts to maximize your health and wellness going forward.

What are the different types of executive physicals?

Executive Medicine of Texas offers three types of executive physical exams:

Gold Executive Physical

The Gold Executive Physical includes:

  • Medical history review
  • Advanced lab work
  • Hearing screening
  • Glaucoma and color vision screening
  • Nasal laryngoscopy
  • Carotid Doppler exam
  • Stress test 
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Ankle-brachial index (ABI)
  • Autonomic nervous system (ANS) test
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Male prostate exam
  • Female Pap smear
  • Fecal occult blood test (stool test)
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Physical fitness evaluation
  • Body composition
  • Nutritional review
  • Wellness and lifestyle assessment and recommendations

Your exam generally takes about half a day.

Gold Plus Executive Physical

The Gold Plus Executive Physical includes everything in the Gold package, plus a computed tomography (CT) scan of your abdomen, chest, and pelvis. You also get a coronary calcium score.

Platinum Executive Physical

The Platinum Executive Physical includes everything in Gold and Gold Plus, along with virtual colonography and a VO2MAX stress test.

Executive Medicine of Texas understands that you may have some specific concerns or goals that these exams do not cover, so it offers add-on services, including Alcat food sensitivity testing, DNA testing for weight loss and anti-aging, micronutrient testing, and telomere testing. 

What happens after an executive physical exam?

Your executive physical exam includes a follow-up appointment, which can be either virtual or in-person. That visit includes personalized recommendations and advice to improve your health and meet your goals. 

Depending on what your personal wishes and goals are, you may choose to schedule extra services like Botox®, intravenous (IV) infusions, or laser hair removal at that time. 

If you join the concierge medicine program at Executive Medicine of Texas, you can get an annual executive physical along with ongoing support, 24/7 doctor access, and other tailored medical care for the entire year. There are concierge programs for both general and specific needs like peptide therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and the Autoimmune Program.

Is a deposit required? Is there a cancellation fee?

To schedule your physical examination, an upfront deposit of $500 is necessary. This amount will be applied towards the total cost of your visit. However, if you cancel your appointment less than three business days prior to the scheduled physical, the $500 deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee and will not be refundable. If you reschedule more than once, a new deposit will be required.

Book your executive physical exam online or call Executive Medicine of Texas to schedule.

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