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Society Life Magazine Features Executive Medicine of Texas as the Cover Story



Society Life Magazine Features Executive Medicine of Texas as the Cover Story on How They Approach Your Health

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has put into sharper focus, it’s our health—not just our strained public health systems, but the value of personal health. We’ve all heard that those at greatest risk are people with underlying medical conditions. Ironically, at the height of the crisis, it was next to impossible to see a doctor to mitigate those conditions. Many people realized just how important it is to have access to primary care, especially when much of that access was pared down to all but the most essential medical services. Now more than ever, whether there’s a pandemic raging or not, people are seeking medical expertise to keep them prepared and motivated to take charge of their health. That’s where Executive Medicine of Texas excels. They are a leader in preventative, proactive and integrative medicine whose focus is on the whole, unique person—not just merely their symptoms.



In the age of assembly line doctor visits, most patients sit un- attended in a waiting room far longer than the time actually spent with a doctor. Before you know it, you’re out the door with a prescription in hand hoping that this roll of the clinical dice will be the fix that finally works. The notion that doctors give you their full, undivided attention to understand the true state of your health may seem antiquated, but that’s exactly what happens at Executive Medicine. Their concierge medical services restore the tradition of the trusted family doctor who makes eye contact (instead of staring at a screen), takes time to know your personal health goals, asks about your family— you know, a genuine human conversation. “We offer our patients time—time to be heard, time to ask questions, time to inform us of what’s going on in their lives. There’s no rushing, no crowded waiting room, no feeling like the doctor’s attention is split among other exam rooms. This is time focused squarely on you,” said Walter Gaman, MD, FAAFP. The doctors, too, have the benefit of time. They can spend time actively listening to you so they can get a complete picture of your health and approach your care holistically. They have time to look beyond your immediate symptoms and connect the dots between what’s happening in your life and what’s happening in your body. “For patients who are new to Executive Medicine, the shift to our concierge model is nothing short of transformative,” admits Mark Anderson, MD, DABFM. “They cannot believe the level of attention, thoroughness and personalization they receive.”

“I’m very thankful for the first class quality of care,” said patient Mike Davis. “The facility is amazingly beautiful and the staff are kind and knowledgeable, and they make you feel comfort- able from the moment you arrive. The time of care provided is nothing like I’ve ever seen with any physician’s office. They are thorough and helpful. I can’t recommend them enough.”


Drs. Gaman and Anderson have co-authored several books including the award-winning Stay Young: 10 Proven Steps to Ultimate Health and Age to Perfection: How to Thrive to 100 Happy, Healthy, and Wise. To reach an even wider audience, they co-host the Stay Young America! podcast along with Judy Gaman, CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas and an accomplished author in her own right. Dr. Elizabeth Cox, who is board certified in Family Medicine, has also been recognized for her excellence, earning Resident of the Year two years in a row during her Family Medicine residency. But it’s not just the accolades, media savvy and years of experience that make the physicians of Executive Medicine of Texas so special. They have seen first hand how the overcrowded, under-delivering managed care system has let patients down, and they saw a better way forward. They share their passion for preventative and proactive care with their team, paving the way for stronger personal connections with their patients who can go on to lead fuller, healthier lives.

Society Life Magazine Features Executive Medicine of Texas as the Cover Story on How They Approach Your Health 1

Society Life Magazine Features Executive Medicine of Texas as the Cover Story on How They Approach Your Health 2

Society Life Magazine Features Executive Medicine of Texas as the Cover Story on How They Approach Your Health 3



A number of Executive Medicine’s patients are highly successful individuals for whom time is always a premium. The demands of their positions, packed schedules and constant travel neces- sitates a different kind of healthcare. Busy executives—along with corporations who understand the value of keeping their leaders healthy—depend on Executive Medicine to fully maximize every minute spent in the doctor’s office. Patients throughout the Metroplex (and even from around the world) favor the practice’s executive physicals which include extensive review of your medical history, over 100 lab values, heart and lung tests, a cognitive screening and more. During the comprehensive physical assessment, patients can expect to spend several hours in the office, so lunch and shower facilities are provided. Even transportation can be arranged for their convenience. Their every need is attended to, and their ease and comfort are always top of mind. Executive Medicine’s service, ameni- ties and atmosphere have been compared to a 5-star resort. Time- strapped patients also require more flexibility and access. You don’t have to wait a week or two to get medical attention—same-day or next-day visits can be arranged at any level of concierge membership. Open access to physicians is also provided 24/7 through phone, email, text messaging or online meeting. You can be assured that your questions will be answered and your needs met on your schedule

Society Life Magazine Features Executive Medicine of Texas as the Cover Story on How They Approach Your Health 4

Society Life Magazine Features Executive Medicine of Texas as the Cover Story on How They Approach Your Health 5


One of the biggest benefits of Executive Medicine is continuity of care. Think of them as the quarterback of your medical team. They can see the big picture and call the right plays because they know you inside and out. If and when it comes time to augment care with a specialist, they can fully communicate your specific needs and advocate for you. A major patient frustration is getting multiple recommendations from multiple physicians and not being able to fully reconcile differences. Because Executive Medicine sees the full spectrum of your health, they can accurately convey your needs to a specialist and safely coordinate every stage of care. This dramatically lowers the risk of dangerous drug interactions, mismanaged dosing or multiple visits to multiple doctors. You’re also less likely to duplicate certain tests and services because all your care runs through one trusted physician who sees every moving part and under- stands your history and health goals.


No two bodies are exactly alike, so their respective health goals should reflect the unique needs of each patient. Because Executive Medicine physicians are quarterbacking your care, they can implement customized treatments based on data taken from extensive lab work, tests and face-to-face evalua- tions. Piecing those elements together, they formu- late a big-picture plan that considers the patient tip to toe, not just one aspect of their health.

Many people seeking hormone treatment, for exam- ple, turn to centers that solely focus on hormones. While hormones can be used effectively to address a range of issues, they must take other aspects of a patient’s health into consideration. If, for instance, your goals are to lose weight and build strength, a hormone center may simply administer a hormone treatment because this is their focus. The Executive Medicine of Texas physicians’ integrated approach may consider nutrition, fitness, personal coaching and, if appropriate, bio-identical hormone replace- ment and peptide therapy because these elements in tandem may stand a better chance of success.


“The service at Executive Medicine is exceptional,” says patient Beverly G. “The staff is friendly and supportive and the doctors take all the time needed to fully explain and help you understand what it takes to meet your goals.”

Executive Medicine’s emphasis on prevention is also key. Regardless of your goals, it’s not enough to prescribe away a medical issue. The team is fo- cused on getting to the root of symptoms. Even if you think you’re in fairly good health, it’s still all about prevention. It’s the way medicine should be practiced—ensuring patients stay well and vibrant to avoid drastic, costly treatments for severe or chronic illness.

“You only have one body, what better place to make your investment,” explained Judy Gaman.

If you feel it’s time you finally put your care in the hands of a medical team that’s focused on your complete health, if you want to be treated like a person and not a daily quota, if you’re ready for unparalleled access to health care professionals who work on your schedule—it’s time to consider the world-class team at Executive Medicine of Texas. Visit them online at to meet the team and preview their full suite of services.


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