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Primary Care


A primary care provider should always be someone who knows everything there is to know about your health and helps you improve it.

Continuity of care is the best way to ensure that your primary care needs are met without confusion. This happens when a single physician handles your care, making necessary referrals to other specialists, monitoring medication and supplement lists, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Colleyville Executive Physicals Private Doctors

Primary Care at Executive Medicine of Texas can be obtained through the following paths:

  • Complete your Executive Physical Exam with Executive Medicine of Texas and become an established patient. Then primary care needs can be handled on a visit by visit cash basis as fee-for-service.

  • Establish yourself as a patient through one of our Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Packages and then primary care needs can be handled on a visit by visit cash basis as fee-for-service.

  • Join one of our many Concierge Medicine Memberships and after completing your Executive Physical Exam, which is included in all our concierge packages, you have unlimited primary care visits to your Executive Medicine of Texas physician for the course of a year. (Other benefits also apply)

Our pricing is bundled and billed as a package fee due at the time of service. Please note that Executive Medicine of Texas does NOT accept insurance. Upon request a detailed receipt can be provided that you can submit to your plan for possible reimbursement. Your level of reimbursement will be based on your plan benefits for out of network providers and may be subject to your yearly deductible.


We're here to help! At Executive Medicine of Texas our team of physicians and staff bring comprehensive medical care coupled with experience and state of the art technology for your medical needs. Contact us today with any questions, or to schedule an appointment!