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Some workouts become too routine and the body fails to respond, which is why PilaTesRX is designed to confuse the muscles, leading to faster and more noticeable results. Targeting overall muscle building, core strength, and balance, this program will surpass your expectations and have you feeling younger and stronger in a shorter time.

PilaTesRX is ideal for the following individuals who are looking to improve the following areas:

-Core Strength


-Trunk Stability

-Injury Prevention


-Lean Muscle Mass

-Improved Posture

-Overall Performance

-Continued Rehab


Pilates Image


Reformer Pilates can help improve and maintain overall physical fitness- leading to greater strength, flexibility, and balance. This can help improve posture, movement, and mental health. This challenging, low impact exercise method should become a key component to any person wanting to improve their overall fitness.

Benefits of Pilates include:

  • Full Body Workout
  • Improved Strength and Muscle Tone
  • Low Impact (but high intensity)
  • Improved Core Muscles and Posture
  • Improved Mental Health


TRX Image


Developed by a former Navy Seal, the TRX band exercises combine challenging bodyweight exercises with functional core training. It’s a total-body workout, while engaging your core to improve stability and balance.

Benefits of TRX include:

  • Improved Mobility and Flexibility
  • Improved Muscular Endurance
  • Improved Balance
  • Increased Core Strength
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass


Vibration Platform Image

Vibration Platform

Using a vibration platform is an excellent way to start your next workout. While standing on the platform, your muscles are forced to contract reflexively. The platform increases blood flow, activates the limbic system, and activates many of the smaller muscles that are needed for balance and stability. Some studies have shown that whole body vibration also increases your body’s own growth hormone production, which is an important part of anti-aging. 

Benefits of the Vibration Platform:

  • Connection of Nerves to the Muscles
  • Stimulation of Lymphatic System
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Increased Bone Mass
  • Improved Muscle Tone



8 Pack:

Perfect for a 2x per week addition to your regular exercise routine ($800)

12 pack:

Looking for a total workout routine. This 3x week schedule takes care of all your fitness needs. ($1100)


"Rory is enthusiastic and very energetic. She is professional and extremely passionate about helping others and is an expert in tailoring her client's individual needs. While many credits speak for itself, Rory is a walking example of health and nutrition." -Mary B

"Rory is simply amazing! As a bigger guy, I was a little suspect in having Rory, AKA Tinker Bell, as my trainer. When they say dynamite comes in small packages, that is an understatement. Rory is there every step of the way pushing and cheering you on. She has a passion for people and their health. I didn't just gain a trainer, I truly gained a coach that is there every step of the way whether it's personal training, nutrition, etc."

-Matthew B



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Meet Rory Brown

As a fitness enthusiast and professional trainer, Rory Brown motivates her clients by sharing her strong passion and expertise for staying active and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Once you have experienced her high energy, you will quickly see why her clients keep coming back for more.

Rory has completed a 500-Hour Pilates Certification and is thrilled to be bringing her love for Pilates using our new Balanced Body Reformer, a TRX Training System, and a professional grade whole body vibration platform. Her dedication to living a healthy lifestyle and staying physically fit is clearly obvious as she is a role model for everyone she meets.

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